The Hallelujah Diet, A Resolution For Life

The Hallelujah Diet, A Resolution For Life

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What is The Hallelujah Diet? Well, really, The Hallelujah Diet is not a diet at all, but a LIFESTYLE. Typically, a diet is something a person does for a period of time to obtain a desired effect, and when that desired effect has been achieved, the person reverts back to the old ways. Following this approach, a person may experience improvement on a particular diet, but when they go back to the old ways of eating, the old problems usually return and sometimes with a vengeance. On the other hand, a lifestyle change is something we do for the rest of our lives, and that is really what The Hallelujah Diet is all about. The Hallelujah Diet is the culmination of over thirty-years of personal research, personal experiences, and listening to the testimonies of tens of thousands of others who have shared with me what worked and what didn't work for them. Through the years, I have had but one guiding light that kept me on the straight and narrow, and against which I weighed every modality – and what was that guiding light? It was the very diet God gave Adam in Genesis 1:29. This diet consisted solely of all the raw fruits and raw vegetables, seeds and nuts, found in that Garden in which God placed that first created being - Adam! This original diet contained no animal products, no refined foods, or chemical additives. So Genesis 1:29 became the foundation upon which I judged everything I was learning. If it fit the teachings of Genesis 1:29, I took heed to what was being said; if it didn't, I cast it aside. In the beginning, I practiced and taught all raw food, but later learned that this was too difficult for most people, and caused accumulated toxins to exit the body too rapidly. I also found that most people are so addicted to cooked food that totally giving it up was more than they could emotionally handle, and caused many people to throw in the towel. Why cooked food was added to The Hallelujah Diet To overcome this, some cooked food was added to The Hallelujah Diet, at the end of the evening meal, and this became a little reward for being good (eating raw) the rest of the day. And we found that even with this small amount of cooked food (15%), people were able to get the same or even better results than with the 100% raw food diet. This little bit of cooked food at the end of the evening meal made the diet more do-able for the masses. And besides, there are some benefits to cooked foods. Some nutrients, such as lycopene in tomatoes, a powerful antioxidant, are more bioavailable when cooked. There are other things built into The Hallelujah Diet that are extremely important. Every component has its reason for being there, and leaving out any one thing will usually reduce the effectiveness of the program. For instance, it is almost impossible to get enough nutrients to the cellular level of the body by simply eating raw fruits and vegetables, along with seeds and nuts, because we lose over 65% of the nutrients in the digestive process. So on The Hallelujah Diet, we concentrate nutrients in the form of raw vegetable juices and BarleyMax. By removing the fiber before putting the food into the body (as we do when we juice), we minimize the digestion needed. Thus, these concentrated nutrients can go more rapidly to cellular level without nutrient loss or energy drain. When we juice, over 90% of the nutrients reach cellular level, compared to less than 35% reaching cellular level when we send the whole food through the digestive tract. We also found that the diet was very low in vitamin B-12 and healthy fats, and so we added a sublingual vitamin B-12 supplement and Omega 3 fatty acid. And recently we realized most people were deficient in Vitamin D3, and so that was added. How to begin The Hallelujah Diet There are two ways to begin: 'cold turkey' or make slow changes over a period of time. 'Cold turkey' has proven to be the easiest and most effective way for the majority of people who have gone on our program. When a person goes on The Hallelujah Diet 'cold turkey', there is anywhere from a few days to a few weeks of potential detoxification -- maybe experiencing a mild headache, some nausea, fatigue, pimple outbreak, diarrhea, etc., as stored toxins exit the body. However, the majority of people who use the “cold turkey” approach (over 60%) do not even realize they are going through this detoxification process. Thus, and usually quite quickly, the person is on the other side, already experiencing increased energy and physical improvement. These rapid improvements become motivation to stay with the program. Making slow changes is usually more traumatic, because each time we put into our body an addictive food (sugar, animal product, table salt, white flour product, caffeine, etc.), the body craves more of that addictive substance. This can cause a yo-yo effect, and people often become discouraged because they are trying to improve but not experiencing desired results. So as we start the New Year 2010, I trust many of you will join Rhonda and me on The Hallelujah Diet.

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