NASCAR Driver Tells of His Recovery from Terminal Melanoma Cancer on Hallelujah Diet

NASCAR Driver Tells of His Recovery from Terminal Melanoma Cancer on Hallelujah Diet

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In his newly released book titled 5% CHANCE: Winning the Cancer Race – Ten Years Cancer Free, NASCAR Driver Jerrod Sessler writes:
“It is often hard to really believe that just a few years ago I was facing a very serious cancer diagnosis. Nikki and I were doing great. We were growing in our marriage, our business was flourishing, and we felt like our lives were having a positive impact in our community. “Sometime during 1997, however, I noticed a mole on my back; it was itchy at times, discolored and irregularly shaped. I visited the doctor for a racing physical and he said not to worry about it, because it didn’t seem like anything to be concerned about. “In late 1999, my mom, who was a nurse, grew tired of watching me back up against walls to scratch the mole. She scheduled an appointment with a dermatologist. One look and the mole was removed. Tissue samples that were sent for analysis revealed malignant melanoma cancer, and I quickly found myself at a specialized cancer care clinic with very little understanding of my options for healing. “At the clinic, they did a sentinel node biopsy—a test to determine where the cancer was exactly. They needed to know if it had metastasized or spread throughout my body. "At age 29, sitting in the doctor’s office with a lead ball in my stomach, I listened as I was diagnosed with advanced metastasized melanoma, a serious skin cancer that had already spread throughout my body by the lymph system. The doctors gave me a 5% CHANCE of living past my thirties with no treatment, and up to a 20% chance of doing so with medical treatment. Neither of these options held a lot of promise. . . .”
In the Forward to the book, Rev. George Malkmus, Founder of Hallelujah Acres writes:
“Jerrod Sessler has been a devoted personal friend, as well as a friend of Hallelujah Acres for nearly a decade. We both share a passion not only for The Hallelujah Diet but also for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. “Jerrod and his wife, Nikki, have been on a journey of sharing the good news of the gospel of salvation and the message of health and healing that can only be achieved by nourishing the body according to the principles found in the Bible in Genesis 1:29. “In the year 1999, Jerrod’s dreams were crushed when he was diagnosed with stage four metastasized melanoma cancer. He was given little hope of surviving beyond a few more years with the best that medicine had to offer. Because the doctors had so little to offer him, Jerrod turned to the Hallelujah Diet and Lifestyle, to which he had been exposed a few years earlier. “The Hallelujah Diet and Lifestyle worked so well for Jerrod the doctors could no longer find any evidence of the cancer they said would take his life. Since the recovery, he has verbally shared his story with others in an effort to encourage them. Now you have the opportunity of reading about the remarkable journey God has lead him through as he shares his battles and victories in ‘5% CHANCE’ . . . . “Jerrod and Nikki became Hallelujah Acres Health Ministers in 2002 in order to be better equipped to share the message of health with others. They have sponsored seminars in different areas near their home in Seattle, Washington. They have taught classes and developed organic food-buying programs as they seek to support and encourage those they minister to. You, too, will be educated, challenged, and encouraged as you read about their personal journey to the excellent health they are experiencing today.”
This is an incredible book through which you will laugh and cry and then rejoice as you read of a young man’s willingness to step out on faith into uncharted waters. Refusing chemotherapy which was all the medical community could offer, Jerrod chose to change what he ate, trusting a change in diet to restore his health. Well, a changed diet worked so well the doctor’s soon could find no evidence of cancer. This is a book you will not only want to read, but a book you will want to share with others, especially those who have been diagnosed with cancer and are looking for hope beyond what the doctors have to offer. A limited number of copies of this 204-page paperback book, 5% CHANCE, are available from the Hallelujah Acres Store or by phone call 800.915.9355.

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