Thankful for Restored Health

Thankful for Restored Health

Marsha was extra thankful this Thanksgiving! After a debilitating condition struck in 2009, she is now fully recovered and enjoying life to the fullest!
Thanksgiving brought so many wonderful letters from our Hallelujah Acres family and friends. This week I will share just a few of those Thanksgiving letters with you along with a report of an incredible improvement in health experienced by a person who adopted The Hallelujah Diet:
I had a stroke in February 2009 and the doctor said I could help prevent a second stroke by eliminating all animal foods from my diet. I stopped eating all meat and dairy, adopted The Hallelujah Diet, and today not only have I fully recovered from my stroke, but I have lost 170 pounds. Yes, I am fully committed to The Hallelujah Diet as I have personally experienced how God will heap blessings upon you when you follow his eating plan as outlined in Genesis 1:29. Now, when someone offers me meat and I politely decline, they say ‘You don’t know what you are missing’, and I reply, ‘No, YOU are the one who doesn’t know what you are missing.” Marsha W.
“Dear Brother George & Sister Rhonda, We really enjoyed your Thanksgiving Day wishes. You folks and everyone at Hallelujah Ares and all the wonderful memories you gave us while there, give us reason to give thanks to the Lord on this Thanksgiving Day and all year long.” Health Ministers Harry & Hadassah, Pennsylvania
“Thank you George and all there at Hallelujah Acres. We appreciate your health message. We know you care and are concerned not only about our physical well being, but our spiritual health as well. I extend great wishes for this Thanksgiving and the holy season which will soon be upon us as we remember the birth of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.” Danny G.
“I am so thankful God allowed me to have cancer. It has slowed me down and reminded me of life’s priorities. God has a plan for everything and I am thankful for that. This cancer has also given me a voice for the promotion of natural therapies that I would not have had without having experienced cancer myself.” Dianne P.
“I am thankful this Thanksgiving for the health struggles I have had that drew me to Hallelujah Acres. It is through these health struggles I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior.” Toni T.
“Thank you Hallelujah Acres for everything you and your staff are doing. All the new ideas and courses you offer at no cost are great. Thank you for all your hard work and the long hours you put in to help us stay healthy. Thanksgiving is the time of year to give thanks, and we thank you Hallelujah Acres for all you do. Looking forward with great anticipation to the coming year 2012 to see all the wonderful things Hallelujah Acres has planned for us.” Debbie L.
So enjoyed your First Saturday of the Month seminar there in Shelby this past month and looking forward to bringing family and friends to your next seminar.” Greg & Marsha

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