Tattooed New Yorkers Report Nasty Skin Conditions

Tattooed New Yorkers Report Nasty Skin Conditions

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The following warning came in an article at dated May 28, 2015 titled “Tattooed New Yorkers Report All Kinds of Nasty Skin Conditions.” Below are some excerpts from the article:
“Folks in New York who’ve gotten tattooed sometimes receive a little something extra – a “rash, severe itching or swelling that lasted longer than four months and, in some cases, for years, according to researchers. “Up to 6 percent of the city’s inked populace has incurred an irritating medical condition linked to tattoos, says NYU physician Marie Leger and others in Contact Dermatitis. The most-protracted conditions seem to strike those who get injected with certain colors; 44 percent of people reported chronic skin conditions from red ink, 25 percent from black….. “Leger says that among those who do contract a skin condition there can be significant pain – sores sprouting up in non-inked parts of the body, for instance, or itchy, raised lesions that require laser treatment or surgery.”
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Rev. Malkmus Comments...

Here in St. Augustine, Florida, our home is only a few miles from the beach. On most nice days we drive to the beach and walk a couple of miles barefoot along the ocean’s shoreline. As is the case at most beaches, the people are rather scantily clothed and ever since we moved here over a year ago, I have noted how many people have tattoos. I have sometimes remarked to Rhonda that they must have been intoxicated to have their bodies pierced with needles in order to receive a tattoo! I often wondered if the ink found in tattoos was somehow harmful. This article confirmed my concern. Would you get a tattoo after reading this?

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