How I Relieved My Sinus Symptoms

How I Relieved My Sinus Symptoms

How we rejoice in hearing from so many friends and in all their Christmas greetings this Christmas season:
“Dear George & Rhonda – We are forever thankful for the big part you have played in our lives in keeping us healthy for all these years. You have taught us so much by encouraging us to ‘go back to the garden’. Thank you also for your years of love and friendship. We do hope someday to get down your way and see you again. May 2015 be filled with blessing for you both.” ~ Paul & Joyce T., Hendersonville, North Carolina
“Dear George and Rhonda – It was 20-years ago this month that we were with you at your mountain home in Tennessee. How quickly 20 years has passed us by. . . . We are still staying busy . . . . I was in 50 Churches again this past year. . . . I keep thinking that the Lord will slow down the schedule but I also know it will be in His time. Your Texas friend..." ~ J. C. House
Some time ago, in the Winter/Spring issue of Hallelujah Acres publication ‘Back to the Garden’, there appeared an article summarizing Dr. House's health history and the changes he had seen since beginning the Hallelujah Diet:
“In 1986 while still serving as Pastor my weight reached 226 pounds. I had been troubled with chronic sinuses for 35 years. I had drainage, the resulting sore throat, etc. I was being treated for chronic prostatitis, which kept me in pain and prevented me from ever getting a full night’s sleep. I had constant stomach problems that complicated everything else. “When I entered full time evangelism, the problems complicated. In October 1989 I was diagnosed with throat cancer. Two unsuccessful surgeries and 37 radiation treatments followed. “The radiation treatments evidently lowered my immune system. Drainage from the sinus created severe laryngitis and I was unable to preach. I found myself with colds all the time and at the change of each season, it seemed like a worse case of the flu. I was missing meetings due to health problems. “I was taking prescription medication for sinus, a prescription medication for prostatitis, and 1600 milligrams of pain medication each day. I was also received cortisone injections in my shoulder for bursitis and arthritis. “Each day became more difficult as I tried to maintain my schedule. In May of 1994 I was in a meeting with Dr. Charles Williams at Central Baptist Church in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Dr. George Malkmus had just recently been with them in a Health Seminar and had left behind some issues of Back to the Garden. “Each time I read one of the copies of this magazine, I would voice all my objections why this could never work and how recovering your good health must be more complicated than just changing your diet. But the more I read, the more I knew in my heart that Dr. Malkmus was right. “I called Dr. Malkmus and made an appointment to meet with him. I drove 2,200 miles to talk with him and received his counsel concerning my condition. He listened patiently and then said very kindly, ‘you don’t have to be sick’. Then he explained to me what was necessary in order to be well. I began a new way of life that day in the midst of all my sickness. First – I eliminated all animal products from my diet, all meats, all dairy products – including milk, eggs, cheese, etc., along with eliminating caffeine, carbonated drinks, sugar, salt and white flour. I began a diet of 80% raw fruits and vegetables. Second – I began to take 3 tablespoons of barley powder each day. This is probably the most important thing I do each day. Third – I began to drink freshly extracted carrot juice each day. I drink 16 to 24 ounces of juice daily, using only California carrots. Fourth – I began to use distilled water for all drinking and cooking. Fifth – I began a daily exercise program Sixth – I try to get adequate rest each day. Seventh - I assume a positive attitude about life. “That was in May 1994. This is being written eighteen months later in October 1995. Several wonderful things have transpired in the past year and a half. Fist, I have taken no medications of any kind in 17 months, not even an aspirin. My prescriptions were running over $200.00 each month prior to this. Second, all my symptoms of all illnesses have disappeared and I am healthier and feel better than I have in many years. I have no known health problems at 61 years of age: No cancer, no sinus problems, no prostatitis problems, no laryngitis, no headaches, no bursitis, etc., simply put, I am well. Third, I now weigh 172 pounds at 6’1” in height, a 54-pound loss from my highest weight. “And all I did was follow George’s advice and change my diet. I recommend it to anyone. Try it . . . . all you have to lose is your sickness.” ~ Dr. J. C. House
Rev. Malkmus Comments: It was so wonderful to receive Christmas greetings from Dr. J. C. House this past week and to know that he is still alive and well and still preaching 20 years later at the age of 81. Could the Hallelujah Diet have had something to do with him still being alive and his ability to still be preaching in 50 churches this past year at the age of 81?

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