Choosing the right foods to fuel your body with can reduce your risk of developing chronic diseases.

Surprising Statistics About the Health of Americans

These statistics may be shocking, but there's a way to reverse them.
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Living in the 21st century, most Americans rely on doctors, dieticians and nutritionists for advice on how to take proper care of their bodies. Then they head to the pharmacist who prepares prescriptions that can supposedly curb the symptoms resulting from certain chronic conditions. However, more and more statistics show that these "highly-educated professionals" are feeding us nothing but nonsense - all for us to spend trillions of dollars on "Health Care." What's really astounding are the numbers Rev. George Malkmus highlights in his book "God's Original Diet" in regard to the health of the people in our country.

Surprising statistics you should know
Here are some surprising health statistics of Americans who followed orders from nutritionists, dieticians and doctors:

  • 26 million people are living with diabetes.
  • About 79 million people have pre-diabetes.
  • 77 percent of adults live with arthritis or another rheumatic disorder.
  • 16 million experience ulcers.
  • 80 million live with allergies.
  • 22 million live with mental illness.
  • 70 million are overweight.
  • 80 million are obese.
  • 90 percent of children cannot pass a physical fitness test.

Cancer statistics
Cancer has an abundance of surprising statistics on its own in the U.S., according to the National Cancer Institute. This year, it's estimated that there will be a diagnosis of 1,685,210 new cancer cases. And, unfortunately, 595,690 of those will be fatal. In 2014, the number of people living with cancer reached 14.5 million, and it is expected to rise to nearly 19 million by 2024.

How can we put this to an end?
These statistics are rather unsettling; however, they can be changed. How? By following the teachings of God and focusing your trust in him over the "health professionals." Rev. Malkmus sources an excellent line of scripture in his book that says exactly what's wrong:

Hosea 4:6 "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge."

Making healthier choices can reduce your risk of developing certain chronic conditions.Making healthier choices can reduce your risk of developing certain chronic conditions.

But Americans can successfully lower these numbers by simply making wiser decisions in regard to their health. The Standard American Diet is the one to blame for many of these upsets. If more Americans switched to the Hallelujah Diet, they could reap the natural health benefits that come with eating raw foods.

For 21 years, Hallelujah Acres has been helping Christians nourish their bodies with a primarily raw diet, the way God has always intended. Our guidance has helped many people gain control back in their overall health, ultimately helping them live long, fulfilling lives, just the way they should.

Get started
If you're ready to hop on the Hallelujah Diet, learn more from our Get Started Guide and consider taking a supplemental approach and begin with our Berry Flavor Get Started Kit. You'll receive our best-selling supplement, BarleyMax, along with Fiber Cleanse Green Apple, a Simple Weekly Meal Plans recipe book and a Getting Started on the Hallelujah Diet DVD Set. These are all of the tools you need to get started living the most clean and mindful way.

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