Surprising Reactions to Diet Change

Surprising Reactions to Diet Change

Have you been to the doctor lately? What response did you get when you explained your diet? Barbara shares what happened at her last visit!
Almost daily I receive letters from folks across America and sometimes around the world who write to tell how their health has improved through The Hallelujah Diet and these Health Tips. Thank you for writing; I read every one! Please keep those letters coming, as they greatly encourage and inspire me as well as those who read them.
“Rev. Malkmus, I had to go to my doctor today for a complete physical required by my insurance company for continued coverage. I have been on The Hallelujah Diet since May 2010. I adopted it after hearing you speak at the Mackinaw Island Retreat which was such a blessing to both me and my husband. As a result of the diet and lifestyle change I have been feeling wonderful and have lost 30 pounds in six months. I am very excited to get my blood work results back and see how things are going in my body. After I shared with my doctor about my new diet and lifestyle changes she expressed concern about my getting enough protein.I had to explain to her that I get all the protein my body needs from my avocados, seeds, nuts, and beans. Then she was concerned that I wasn’t getting enough iron and I thought: ‘are you kidding me?’ And then I responded: ‘if I am eating all those green veggies, should not my iron levels be good?’ There was no comment from the doctor. I just wanted to share this with you, because this was my first encounter with a doctor since being on The Hallelujah Diet and I was truly surprised at the ignorance of a doctor in the medical field concerning nutrition. Thank you once again for this wonderful knowledge you have given me.” Barbara C., Michigan
“Dear George, I must confess that The Hallelujah Diet has changed my life after being on it for just two weeks. I pray God will continue to bless you and use you to help multitudes around the world restore their health.” Chidi J., Nigeria, Africa
“I just wanted to say ‘Thank You’, Brother George for all the wonderful articles included in your weekly Health Tips. We appreciate you and Rhonda and everyone at Hallelujah Acres for all the hard work you do that benefits so many.” Cindy W.
“After finding out that I have colon cancer I previewed your website and have come up with enough info to get me started on reclaiming my health. I thank you!” Ed L.
“I have been hypothyroid for over 30 years. Since adopting The Hallelujah Diet three months ago my thyroid levels have increased dramatically. My doctor has had to reduce my medication dose by 1/3 and I was wondering if this is a normal response to The Hallelujah Diet?” Dolores EDITOR RESPONDS – A number of people have reported thyroid function normalizing after adopting The Hallelujah Diet and a need to drastically reduce or eliminate medication.

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