No Insurance A Blessing In Disguise

No Insurance A Blessing In Disguise

What do you do when the doctor says you have cancer... but you don't have insurance to afford chemotherapy? You do it God's way, like Todd's mom did.
I find your letters such a blessing and so inspirational as you share with me how The Hallelujah Diet has benefited you or a loved one. I in turn share some of these letters in these Health Tips so that others might be blessed and inspired as I have been. So please keep those letters coming.
“I have been following fairly closely The Hallelujah Diet for several years and the results have been astounding. Sickness has become obsolete and I am feeling great! But I am writing to you today to tell you about my mother who was diagnosed two weeks ago with Stage 4 colon cancer metastasized to her lungs and liver. The doctors told her that no matter what she did to treat the cancer she would die soon. The doctors said that they could extend her life maybe three months if they removed the tumor and put a bag on her side to collect the feces, and maybe extend her life as much as two years if she took chemotherapy. I of course told her that in my opinion chemotherapy would destroy her immune system and she would die miserable and very sick. It is a good thing she has no insurance because the docs said she couldn’t afford chemotherapy at the cost of $2,100.00 per session. The good thing is that she wanted me to immediately start juicing for her. We have worked up to six fresh vegetable juices a day along with four servings of BarleyMax and she has gone totally vegan. I have also supplied her with Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, and iodine supplementation. She is eating a little more cooked food than I would like, but I’m not fussing with her about that. Just getting her on The Hallelujah Diet has been a blessing in itself. When she started The Hallelujah Diet four days ago she was the picture of death, just lying in her bed with little desire to live. The only detox she has experienced thus far is some loose bowels. Now, after just four days since the diet change Mom has her color back, is out of the bed and optimistic about living, though the doctors had given her no hope of living. I am almost shocked at the rapid turnaround. Please pray that the Lord will continue to provide for me what I need to help her out with time and costs. Fortunately I already had my Green Star juicer and my being on The Hallelujah Diet all these years has helped tremendously. Thanks Hallelujah Acres for all that you do to help get this lifesaving information out to the community and at no cost for that information. Juicing for mom and all the rest has consumed quite a bit of my time and money but she is my Mom and I love her. I want to see her well and feel that The Hallelujah Diet is the only course that gives her any chance to live.” Todd
“My husband and I watched the Jim Bakker Show when Dr. T. Colin Campbell was on and later when Jim Bakker featured Hallelujah Acres and The Hallelujah Diet. After watching the shows both my husband and I adopted the Hallelujah Diet. My husband has already lost 42 pounds and is feeling very good. Everything we had heard and read about your BarleyMax product we have found to be true. One interesting result of my husband adopting The Hallelujah Diet and Lifestyle is that it has changed his life. Why, he even reads his Bible more often now and is trying to witness to others about Jesus as well as the diet. My husband is also a much happier person now that he has changed his diet.” James and Mrs. F.

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