Sugar Kills You Twice As Fast

Sugar Kills You Twice As Fast

Sugar? A killer? Yeah, right. Look at all of the sugar people consume every day. They're not dying. Sure, the kids may be a little hyper, but they're not dying. And the research on sugar? It's bunk! The amount of sugar used in mouse studies is way beyond what people consume on a realistic level. Admittedly, all of this kind of reasoning about sugar had a leg to stand on — until now. New research is suggesting that even small amounts of sugar can slowly deteriorate health just like cancer: a silent, slow killer that goes undetected until something is drastically wrong. Unlike previous mouse studies that were performed using ridiculous amounts of sugar to prove a point, this new study used a relatively small amount — the equivalent of just 3 sodas a day for a human being. And the results were disturbing. When 25% of calories consumed consisted of a half-and-half mixture of glucose and fructose (the same as table sugar or high fructose corn syrup), female mice died at twice as fast as mice fed a low-sugar diet. And males fed the high-sugar diet produced 25% fewer offspring. Their cholesterol was higher, too. And there were no outward signs that anything was wrong. No, the mice weren't fat and they didn't get diabetes. They just had trouble conceiving and lived shorter lives. Sound familiar? Perhaps the most shocking part about all this was that, other than the added sugar, the mice were fed a healthy diet with loads of vitamins, minerals, and healthy food. In other words, even if you're eating The Hallelujah Diet, a couple of "harmless" sodas or even a seemingly "healthy" candy bar each day could ruin your efforts and even put your health at risk. Now, you can still have the sweet stuff in life like fruit and honey in moderation (provided you don't have candida - that's a whole other blog post). But refined sugar should be off your list. If you can't kick the sugar habit right away, don't beat yourself up about it; just keep trying (we actually have a book that can help called Lick The Sugar Habit). It's a hard one to break because the effect of sugar on your brain is similar to a street drug. And that's all the more reason to consider giving up refined sugar for good. Do you have a hard time giving up sugar? Scroll below the related articles to comment!

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