Finding Health In The South China Sea

Finding Health In The South China Sea

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Tom once struggled to lose a 50-pound beer belly until a friend got him interested in a plant-based diet. Living on Hainan Island in the South China Sea, he had access to almost unlimited fresh, raw plant foods, so he decided to give it a shot. Read his amazing story of recovery and discover how easy it is to get your own health back on track with The Hallelujah Diet!
“Hi George, I recently stumbled on your article regarding carrot juice and how it saved your life when you had colon cancer almost 40 years ago. I ,too, believe in carrot juice's transforming qualities. After putting on about 50 pounds as a result of drinking lots of beer and after swearing that I would never drink beer again, a German friend of mine gave me a couple of books by Dr. Norman Walker. I was completely captivated by these books. It’s funny how for me at least, and partly because of my struggles with sobriety and what I learned in recovery, when I read something that resonates deeply inside me, I must use myself as the guinea pig. So I stopped drinking for 4 months and went completely to a raw plant-based diet. Fortunately, I was living on a tropical island, Sanya, Hainan Island in the South China Sea. There was an abundance of tropical fruits on the island. My experience on a raw, 100% plant based diet, was amazing! On this plant based diet my body went through so many changes. Everything I read from Dr. Walker’s books I found to be completely true. My mind was flourishing and I was full of energy the whole time I was eating these raw foods. I lost 50 pounds and felt great. Now I am back in the States and I’m back on raw foods. I want to start a juice bar, along with a salad bar, but I need to find the right location. I guess I am looking for encouragement from people who have had similar health transforming experiences like you and I have had as a result of simply changing their diet.” ~ Tom H., Brookville, Ohio
“I am from Denmark but am presently living and ministering here in the United Kingdom. I started on The Hallelujah Diet about two years ago after a health scare. Since making the diet change I have lost weight, my cholesterol levels are now really good, and I have been healed of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), which I had suffered with for 32 years before the diet change. I am not on a totally raw plant based diet, but I am juicing daily and have green smoothies regularly. You don’t have to be totally raw in order to obtain the benefits of The Hallelujah Diet. I am thrilled to be a Health Minister so that I can help others regain their health on a basically raw plant-based diet just as I was able to do.” ~ Health Minister, Arno A., Denmark (United Kingdom)
“Hello George, I just wanted to say that I love your voice and your vision regarding a healthy lifestyle based on the Bible teachings of Genesis 1:29. Everybody on earth should read your books and Health Tips regarding a healthy Bible-based lifestyle. God bless!” ~ Sandy V.

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