Study: Vegetarian Diet Produces Fewer Toxins

Study: Vegetarian Diet Produces Fewer Toxins

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We often hear from people that they feel better after switching to The Hallelujah Diet — and now we know there's a good reason for it! A study from Stanford University has found that a vegetarian diet produces fewer toxins, namely p-cresol sulfate (PCS) and indoxyl sulfate (IS). PCS and IS are potential toxins that are excreted in urine. And their levels inside the body can tell a lot about a person's health. Elevated PCS and IS levels are found in urine of people with multiple sclerorsis; they also stimulate significant cellular inflammation and have been linked to cardiovascular disease. The production of these compounds may rely on what you eat. The Standford study found that average PCS excretion was 62% lower in vegetarians than omnivores and IS excretion was 58% lower in vegetarians than omnivores. Those are big differences! Furthermore, the study linked these lower numbers with higher fiber intake and lower protein intake. In fact, the vegetarians in this study ate 69% more fiber and 25% less protein than their omnivorous counterparts. So what does this tell us? It's further proof that a high-fiber diet without the concentrated proteins of animal products helps your body produce fewer toxins so you can stay healthy. Remember, all diseases have two main causes: toxicity and deficiency. By avoiding toxins (and helping your body produce fewer of them) and addressing nutritional needs to avoid deficiency, you'll be well on your way to great health! What are some toxins you've removed from your lifestyle?

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