Study Reveals Eating More Vegetables and Fruits Lowers Risk of Dying

Study Reveals Eating More Vegetables and Fruits Lowers Risk of Dying

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There is one positive message that all nutritionists and doctors agree upon. We can disagree about just about everything else, but this one message unites us all. Yes, just like your mother and grandma used to say, “Eat your vegetables!” A very recent study showed that English people who ate seven or more servings of fruits and vegetables had a lower overall risk of dying, including lower risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer. Salads and vegetables were the most protective subcategory, while canned fruit actually increased the risk of death.1 Five a day is not enough. You need more, much more fresh produce to thrive in our modern world. So, we get the message, but that doesn’t always translate into bold action. Introducing a great way to help you meet your goals of increasing your vegetable intake. Its called Advanced Superfood by the Hallelujah Diet. And it is jam-packed with 15 vegetables, cereal grass juice powder, and other superfoods. It is 100% organic. It has stuff in there you recognize (but maybe don’t eat too often)(spinach, broccoli, kale, beets, Brussels sprouts), and stuff that is off the beaten path (dandelions, moringa leaves, nopal leaves). It has superdense foods like barley grass juice powder, wheat and oat grass juice powder, alfalfa juice powder, spirulina, chlorella and dunaliella. It has sea vegetables in meaningful amounts. It has garden vegetables. It has exotic vegetables. It has lots of variety. We searched from an extensive list of vegetable providers to bring you the very widest variety of organic vegetables we could get into the jar. Not only that, but we thought about how to help you get the most out of the vegetables in this blend. Digestive enzymes and sunflower seed lecithin help you digest and absorb more nutrients. We also added in prebiotic fibers proven to help build up a healthier amount of beneficial bacteria in your lower GI tract, leading to a stronger immune system, better digestion, and fuel for the lining of your colon. Yes, I know you were really worried about that last one, but we have it covered! But seriously, your beneficial bacteria digest fibers (only from plants) and produce short chain fatty acids that the cells of the colon wall use for energy. No fiber = low energy = low cellular repair = loss of function (do I need to say more?). So we feed the bacteria that feed you. We didn’t add in a probiotic powder because probiotics are very unstable when exposed to moisture and oxygen, which happens every time you open the jar. And we didn’t add in cheap fillers to make it look like you are getting more than you really are. Every ingredient was added for getting the most nutrition out of this green and vegetable blend. If you are an athlete, bodybuilder, or a health enthusiast this superfood is an excellent choice to help you push your body to the limits of health and performance. If you are following a plant-based or vegan diet and lifestyle, this superfood will help you succeed and make the most of your diet’s strengths. What’s my favorite way to eat Advanced Superfood? With a spoon. Just a little bit at a time, say about 1/8 teaspoon. I let it dissolve in my mouth and enjoy the flavor. Just a little bit is not overpowering. It’s delicious, and addicting. I’ll bet you can’t take just one nibble either. It really is good. Get some and tell us your favorite story about the all-new Advanced Superfood from the Hallelujah Diet. Reference 1. Oyebode O, Gordon-Dseagu V, Walker A, Mindell JS. Fruit and vegetable consumption and all-cause, cancer and CVD mortality: analysis of Health Survey for England data. J Epidemiol Community Health. 2014:jech-2013-203500. doi:10.1136/jech-2013-203500. Updated-Superfood

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