Staying Vegan While on Vacation

Staying Vegan While on Vacation

Woo-hoo! Vacation time is almost here... … and usually a time when we slip off our healthy routine, indulge a little, gain a little weight, and feel like a dietary failure by the time we get back home. Good news – you don’t have to feel like that ever again! Over the years, we’ve done our fair share of traveling — which has helped us come up with some cool little tricks to keep you on track!

#1 – Bring it with you

It doesn’t take much. Just bring some BarleyMax in a zipper lock bag, a mini-blender for your hotel room, and make sure you get a room with a mini-fridge. Then shop the local Walmart when you arrive. Get some distilled water for your BarleyMax, some spinach and frozen fruit for smoothies, and some healthy snacks. (CarrotJuiceMax is also a great way to keep juicing while you’re on the road.)

#2 – There’s an app for that

Snacks and a mini-blender takes care of breakfast, but unless you’ve booked a suite with a full kitchen, you’re going to have to eat out at some point. There’s a vegetarian restaurant app for Android phones, and one for iPhones, too. No more guess work!

#3 – Guerrilla gourmet tactics

When one of our staff member's family couldn’t find healthy dining options, they chose a burger joint that offered vegetarian patties. Then they used the “fixings bar” like a salad bar, creating their own off-the-menu side salad. There are lots of other good ideas in this article, too.

#4 – Hit the steak house

Believe it or not, sometimes the best place for The Hallelujah Diet is a fancy steak house. They insist on high quality ingredients, so you know they’ll have great salad. The chef will usually jump at the chance to create a custom vegetarian dish by request, too.

#5 – Don’t forget your wrench

Diet aside, you also want to keep your body healthy in other ways. Bring your workout clothes and enjoy a walk in your vacation surroundings. Plus (keep this one a secret) we actually bring our home shower filter with us and attach it to the hotel bath fixture so that we can have chlorine-free showers. Crescent wrench? Check!

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