The Importance of Enzymes for Disease Prevention

The Importance of Enzymes for Disease Prevention

It is common knowledge that the human body needs vitamins and minerals for good nutrition, but many people overlook the essential functions of enzymes for the digestive system. When you choose your meals, make sure that you are getting plenty of enzymes to support your overall health and wellness and prevent disease at the same time.

What are Enzymes?

Enzymes are naturally occurring within fruits and vegetables, and these elements are the power of life within the plant. Enzymes are actually living forces which impact every activity that occurs within your body. These enzymes are important to break down raw foods, which improves digestion and helps your body access the important vitamins and minerals that are needed for disease prevention and health. It has been found that enzymes are even beneficial to repair the DNA within the body! This DNA repair might have a direct impact on a person’s risk of cancer and other chronic diseases.

Quality of Enzymes

Even though enzymes can be found abundantly in fruits and vegetables, these elements are very sensitive to heat. If the fruits and vegetables are subject to temperatures higher than 108 degrees, then the enzymes can be destroyed. When you eat foods that have been cooked, they have been stripped of the natural enzymes and your body must compensate for those enzymes that are missing. The human body has a limited number of enzymes, and these enzymes are used to assist with digestion and nutrient assimilation. Once this supply has been depleted, then the body will have a difficult time breaking down food in an efficient way. A lack of enzymes can lead to nutrient deficiencies and other health problems.

Sources of Enzymes

The best way to preserve your enzyme reserves is by eating more raw fruits and vegetables. Some people also choose to take enzyme supplements with their meals, although you need to make sure that the supplements offer high quality enzymes that will be beneficial for your health. When you increase your consumption of fruits and vegetables, you will be getting the enzymes that are needed for disease prevention. At the same time, you are also increasing your consumption of the important vitamins and minerals that are needed to rebuild and support the major organs in your body. Are you looking for recipes that will help you to naturally include more enzymes in your diet? Make sure to get a copy of the Unravel the Mystery Recipe Book, and you will find a number of recipes that utilize raw fruits and vegetables. It is also important to read Unravel the Mystery, by Ann Malkmus, which shares other nutritional and health tips that can be used to improve your health and prevent disease.

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