Slam The Door On Cancer!

Slam The Door On Cancer!

As a Christian, have you paid so much attention to the spiritual part of your life that you have neglected the physical? Check out Rev. Malkmus's article on the subject, and read what others had to say about it!
“George your ministry has meant a great deal to me in the past (almost decade) in which I was able to "slam the door on cancer and lock it out of my life". I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and doctors patted me on the head and said 'sorry about your luck' and a physician friend said, ‘If you get through this you will have to be your own doctor.’ Part of my enormous research was your ministry--one of the few resources for body and spirit.” ~ Jacquie W.
“Dear George, My husband and I have been hoping for ways to reach a Christian pastor who is very talented and gifted in music and is not much past 50 but diagnosed with a 'terminal' brain tumor. We have sent him links to Hallelujah Acres and told him of how it has helped us and others but he continues to be resistant. Perhaps this moving article of yours will convince him where we failed to do so. I am sorry about the loss of your friend and empathize with your grief about his failure to take up your advice. Thank you for sharing from your heart.” ~ Gai (Australia)
“Dear George, I agree 100% with all you just wrote. Our temple belongs to God and we must take care of it. I like you want to share the simple natural ways of living with the world. God Bless, ~ Dr. Jerry H., N.D.
“Brother Malkmus, This is what I sent along with passing the message on to my list ..... 'Wow! Dear brother Malkmus is right on with this awesome message to all of us. This message is a wakeup call to many. How about you? Are you doing the best you can do to keep your temple (body) wholesome and holy? I can make some adjustments even after many years of living with the “health message.” Share it with others, please.' Brother Malkmus, I was also at Billy Graham’s "God in the Garden" crusade in Madison Sq. Garden in 1957! I am also a cancer survivor, now 90+ years old." ~ Bob S.
“Thank you George Malkmus for this article! I have been on the Hallelujah Recovery Diet since last May of 2013. I am 56 years old was diagnosed with breast cancer and had the tumor removed, but refused to have chemo and radiation afterwards when the doctors wanted me to have both. My husband and I prayed for another way, and we found the Hallelujah Diet. I try to share with family and friends and they say it is OK for me, but they will continue with the Standard American Diet. They see me and know how good I feel, and they still refuse. I guess it had to take a crisis in my life to change. I had thought I was eating right all these years, not eating pork and fat and sweets.........but still got the cancer. I guess maybe it takes a crisis for most people to change, but I still hear and see others going through some kind of crisis and still stay with the Standard American Diet. People just don't want to give up their foods. They want healing, but just cannot give up that food.” ~ Lori

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