Simple Steps to Increase the Nutrient Density of Your Diet

Simple Steps to Increase the Nutrient Density of Your Diet

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Even though many calories are consumed in the Standard American Diet, the problem is that most of these calories are missing the important nutrients that are needed to protect health and wellness. Whether you are suffering from a serious disease, such as cancer, or you want to reduce your risk of health problems, you need to make it a point to increase the nutrient density of you food.

Raw Foods vs. Processed Foods

Raw, whole plant ingredients are loaded with the essential vitamins and minerals that your body needs. When these ingredients are processed, the manufacturing removes many of these important nutrients. The final result is a “food” product that might be high in calories, but you are missing the actual nutrition that is necessary to support your health. The truth is that many people are overfed and experiencing malnutrition at the same time. It’s hard to understand that an obese person might be suffering from malnutrition, but their high calorie/low nutrient diet is feeding the body without providing the nutrition. Instead of processed foods, it is better to focus on whole natural foods. These foods are loaded with enzymes, minerals, vitamins, and compounds that work behind the scenes to protect your health. Eat an abundance of fruits and vegetables, and also include moderate amounts of organic whole grains, nuts, seeds, legumes, and healthy fats.

The Fastest Way to Boost Nutrition

Consider each bite of food that you take throughout the day, and make sure that the bite contains the nutrients that will help to support your overall health and wellness. Stay away from processed foods, and stick with whole foods as much as possible. Also, consider the method in which these whole foods are consumed, because certain methods of preparation can optimize the bioavailability of the nutrients. When you eat something, the digestive processes work to extract the nutrients so that the nutrition can be used to support the main functions within your body. Chewing food starts this digestion process, and the digestion continues with the stomach acid which breaks down the juice of the food from the fiber. Instead of waiting for the slow process of digestion, you might consider the benefits of boosting your nutrition by eliminating the need to chew. A juicer can be used to separate the fiber from the nutrients within the vegetables, and then you can drink the juice to supercharge the nutrient density of your meals. According to H.E. Kirschner, MD, when we juice a carrot, we get up to 92% of the nutrients to cellular level in contrast to 0 to 35% when just eating the carrot. Try the cleansing Carrot Ginger Grapefruit juice, and consider picking up some of our BarleyMax powder to supercharge your nutrition.

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