How Hormones Affect Anxiety

How Do Hormones Affect Anxiety?

It is a stressful experience to have anxiety, and these symptoms often makes a person want to hide away from the rest of the world. There are various treatments that might be considered for this mental health disorder, but many medical professionals are only focused on the symptoms instead of looking at the root problem. As a result, medications are usually prescribed which affect the flow of serotonin in the brain. But, these medications only help with the symptoms, instead of eliminating the cause of anxiety. By stepping outside of the box and looking at the human body as a full system, there are other options that might be considered to eliminate anxiety. One interesting aspect to explore is the concept of balancing hormones in order to reduce anxiety. Some researchers have found that there might be a significant connection between hormones and anxiety, which means that balancing the hormones might eliminate the symptoms of anxiety.

Which Hormones Cause Anxiety?

There are a number of different hormones that naturally occur within the human body, and the balance of these hormones is key to maintaining good health. Even though additional research needs to be completed to fully understand the connection, researchers have identified several hormones that might impact anxiety:
  • Testosterone/Estrogen: These sex hormones might play a part in the development of anxiety, especially if the anxiety sets in when a person is experiencing intense hormonal changes. There are specific points during life that might line up with the onset of anxiety, such as maturation, pregnancy, or menopause.
  • Cortisol: This stress hormone seems to have a cyclical relationship with anxiety, and it is hard to understand if the stress hormone causes the anxiety or vice versa. When mental stress is happening, then it causes the brain to release cortisol to balance the stress. But, it has also been found that excess cortisol might trigger symptoms of anxiety and depression.
  • Thyroid: The thyroid is a control area for a number of different hormones, so poor thyroid function can have a domino effect on many systems within the body. If the thyroid is overactive, then it might lead to anxiety attacks. It has also been found that under active thyroid function might contribute to anxiety.

Balancing Hormone Levels to Reduce Anxiety

If you are experiencing anxiety, then you might talk with a medical professional about the benefits of hormone balancing to reduce the symptoms of anxiety. With a few lifestyle changes, such as healthy eating, hormone balancing supplements, regular exercise, and getting enough sleep, it is possible to balance the hormones and help you feel better.

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