What You Need to Know about Meat and Cancer

What You Need to Know about Meat and Cancer

As the weather begins to warm up, many people start thinking about one of their favorite summertime activities: cooking on the backyard grill. It is fun to throw a few burgers on the grill and spend some time outside with family and friends, but is it possible that these meal choices are having a negative impact on your health?

Myths about Meat and a Healthy Diet

It is common for people to think that the only way they can follow a healthy diet is by including meat with their meals, because meat contains the 8 essential amino acids that the body needs. But, the truth is that these essential amino acids can be found in plant foods as well, and there are plenty of great plant protein sources that can be consumed so that you can avoid the health dangers of consuming meat. Shopping for meat at the grocery store is very different than the meat that our grandparents ate. Today, animals that are commercially produced are fed with corn instead of grass, and the feed contains harmful additives such as herbicides, pesticides, antibiotics, and growth hormones. These animals are sick because they are kept in tight pens and unhealthy living conditions. If you want to protect your health, then you need to stay far away from meat that was produced using the modern-day, conventional methods.

Meat Consumption is Linked with Cancer

There are a number of research studies that show the connection between meat consumption and the development of cancer. One of the largest studies was completed by T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D, and the findings can be read in his book The China Study. Other recent studies have uncovered the same information. A number of people now believe that meat is one of the most toxic foods that can be consumed. When the animal eats the feed that contains pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, and growth hormones, those elements are collected in high concentration in the meat. Then, we eat it and introduce those harmful elements into our own bodies. Meat is such as big part of our modern diet, and it is playing a role in the increasing rates of cancer. If you want to reduce your risk of cancer, then one lifestyle change that you need to make is to decrease your consumption of meat. There are many alternatives to burgers, steaks and chicken that can be cooked on the grill. Not only do these alternatives provide improved health but also they are actually tastier. Search the recipe on www.myHDiet.com for some alternative burgers. It takes a little practice to transition to a plant-based diet, but there are many resources available to make it as easy as possible. Make sure to pick up a copy of the Unravel the Mystery Recipe Book which is filled with delicious plant-based recipes. Also, read Unravel the Mystery, by Ann Malkmus, where you can uncover more information about lifestyle choices that are impacting your risk of cancer.

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