Reaction: Why No Negative Testimonies?

Reaction: Why No Negative Testimonies?

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In last week’s Health Tip, I wrote an article titled “Why Hallelujah Acres Does Not Publish Negative Testimonies”. In response to that Health Tip, both Starr and Arlene, Health Tip subscribers, wrote me the following letters regarding the article:
“Dear George: I think when people ask why you don't publish negative testimonies, they're really asking something else which you actually did address in this blog - namely, what are the odds of beating MY disease on the Hallelujah Diet? Yes, they want encouragement, but also hope from the idea that they have high odds of seeing their condition healed. I know that in the years I had Graves Disease, I clung to what was then a single three-sentence testimony that was on your website. It was a lifeline, but the more hope you have, the more likely you are to try something unorthodox. Actually, I've become even stricter than the Hallelujah Diet over the years, so the Hallelujah Diet seems almost mainstream to me! God Bless you and your work.” ~ Starr S.
“Dr. Malkmus, you are so RIGHT about not publishing negative testimonies. I am not affiliated with you, but I recovered from two kinds of cancer (skin cancer and an abdominal tumor). They wanted to rush me to surgery but instead I got a copy Dr. Lorraine Day’s DVD. She has a program very similar to the Hallelujah Diet. In fact, I lean a lot on Hallelujah Diet recipes. That was 14 years ago. It took me about three weeks to get completely on Dr. Day’s program without cheating. You see, I was in the care of my brother’s family and they didn’t change their diets and so junk food was everywhere and such a temptation. But within three weeks I was able to stick with the new way of eating without cheating and four months later I was well enough to return to my home. I have continued on the diet and today both cancers are gone, my arthritis, diagnosed almost 40 years ago is gone. My asthma – first attack was when I was three – is gone. As you know, Dr. Day’s program like the Hallelujah Diet requires time in the sunshine for Vitamin D each day, some exercise, and several other things. She says that diet alone won’t cure you. I did everything. I watched the DVD every day for several months to keep me on track. I’ve tried to help others since my healing. I was devastated when one woman died who seemed to be really trying. I got the email of her death and sat here at my computer and cried. Where did we go wrong? Two months later I received another email from her daughter. She said she thought she should tell me that her mother had never quit smoking – a detail her mother had not told me. Another man I was working with, actually my cousin who knew of my experience, was pain free in three weeks after adopting a plant based diet. Even his rectal bleeding had stopped due to advanced colon cancer. I called him every week to encourage him. Then something happened and the next thing I learned was that he had had surgery and radiation. I couldn’t understand why until I learned that he had started eating fish sandwiches at McDonald's with his friends. If I had not stayed in close contact with each of these people who I tried to help, and asked a lot of questions, I might have someday heard that both of these people I tried to help and that a changed diet didn’t work — when in fact they had both cheated. So you are so right Dr. Malkmus in not publishing negative testimonies. Stick to your guns. I am sure you are right about the cure rate for those who really do the diet correctly is over 90%, but I’m convinced that, if they are still alive, and still have all their organs, that even that 10% you talked about can still recover.” ~ Arlene K.

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