Diet Is Key To Cancer Prevention

Diet Is Key To Cancer Prevention

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Every Sunday in Sunday School and in the Wednesday evening service, our church provides us with prayer sheets, regarding people in the church who are in need of prayer. Every week, one side of the sheet contains a listing of people who have cancer. Last week there were 85 people in the church on the cancer list. I find this list of people dealing with cancer so upsetting, because I know that through simple diet and lifestyle changes, we can almost cancer-proof our bodies, and thus prevent most of the cancers that people are being diagnosed with!

What is it that we can do to change the odds of our being diagnosed with cancer? A simple diet and lifestyle change is that simple change we can each make that will improve our odds of not being diagnosed with cancer. In the March Issue of “The Blaylock Wellness Report”, Dr. Blaylock had this to say about cancer:

“What I have explained is that the cancer epidemic is real and worsening and that there are three main culprits that have been unearthed:
  • A dramatic increase in sugar and high-glycemic food intake.
  • An equally dramatic increase in the consumption of pro-inflammatory omega-6 oils, and a simultaneous decrease in omega -3 intake.
  • An incredible increase in exposure to environmental industrial chemicals, especially pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides
“If we altered these three things, we could cut the incidence of cancer at least by half . . . . maybe more.”
Dr. Blaylock went on to say: For those who already have cancer, we could utilize what we know about the powerful cancer inhibiting effect of plant extracts and selected vegetables. For the past 22 years of Hallelujah Acres' existence, we have been warning about sugar being a feeder of cancer while promoting the daily intake of Omega 3 fatty acids. And for more than 20 years we have been receiving testimonies of people who through simple diet and lifestyle change were able to recover from their cancers.

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