Rave Reviews For China Study Response

Rave Reviews For China Study Response

A flood of support has come in regarding Rev. Malkmus' critique of the criticism 'Dr. M' unleashed on The China Study.
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It has been a long time since I received so much response to an article that appeared in my weekly Health Tip. Yet they continue to come in with regard to my article responding to Dr. M’s attack on Dr. T. Colin Campbell’s China Study. Following are just a few of those letters.
"Thank you so much for clarifying the issues Dr. M raised against The China Study. I had high regard for Dr. M until he published this article. It is so sad that he doesn’t understand detox. For those who have read Dr. M’s article against The China Study, Dr. Malkmus’ clarification is a must read.” Day T.
"I have just read your defense of The China Study. Thanks for the strong defense. Thanks also for the clear and simple explanations that common people can understand." Myrtle W.
"Thank you, Rev. Malkmus, for explaining the fallacies in Dr. M’s arguments against The China Study! I also thought Dr. M overlooked the entire premise of The China Study when he dismissed it as only 'observational.' He overlooked the fact that they turned cancer on and off in the laboratory using animal protein (casein). They repeated the studies over and over using the aflatoxin and animal protein. The China Study amazed me. When I first began The Hallelujah Diet six years ago I didn’t really understand why dairy and animal flesh were so dangerous. After I had read The China Study I understood and could articulate the reason why to others. I respect much of what Dr. M says, and he brings great studies forward to educate people. However, he totally gets it wrong with animal protein, and his ‘Nutritional Typing’ is laughable. I agree with you when you point out his words, ‘Well if I don’t feel good after a meal . . . that must not be the food for my nutritional type.’ It is important to keep eating plant-based foods and over time the detoxing runs its course.” Rayann M.
"I knew exactly who you were talking about in your response to the challenge by a Dr. M to The China Study. I was a subscriber to his newsletter until he wrote such negative things about The China Study. I hadn’t even finished reading the entire article before I clicked ‘unsubscribe.’ I’m always looking for health information that has been clearly researched and is biblical. Dr. M is often lacking in this area and I have viewed him as a college ‘preppie’ salesman as he is constantly promoting his products. I at one time took his ‘Nutritional Typing’ test. His Nutritional Typing doesn’t make sense. He states that if your diet makes you feel sluggish, tired, ill, and depressed you are on the wrong diet. That is exactly how a person feels when they stop eating the diet Dr. M promotes. When Dr. M said what he did about The China Study I realized it was time for me to leave his teachings. So now I am down to only two internet health subscriptions, The Hallelujah Health Tip and one other. But no matter what, I am positive I will stay subscribed to the Hallelujah Health Tip. Every Health Tip is filled with research, knowledge, and biblical proof. I find every bit of it of great interest. Your site is truly complete, helpful and a ‘go-to source’ for one-stop healthy lifestyle shopping information. I’m so glad that you and Rhonda share your wonderful knowledge and blessings with the world and at no cost." Nancy L.
"Dr. M. is going to be very embarrassed when Dr. Campbell’s new documentary Forks Over Knives makes its debut in local theaters across America. I have previewed the documentary and it is extremely powerful and well documented. It shares the dangers of an animal-based diet and the healing power of a plant-based diet. ‘Thank you’ Dr. Campbell and Dr. Esselstyne for an incredible job in alerting the American people to the dangers of animal fat and protein. I believe multitudes will eliminate animal foods and become exclusively plant eaters after viewing this documentary." Henry

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