No More MS!

No More MS!

One of my favorite parts of the weekly Health Tips is the testimonies sent in by people who have experienced improvements in their health as a result of doing something as simple as changing what they eat. I trust these testimonies are as appreciated as much by those reading them as they are by the one placing them in this Health Tip.
“My husband and I were blessed to go to a Hallelujah Acres Lifestyle Center in July of last year. As a result of our adopting the Hallelujah Diet while there and continuing on the diet, my husband is now symptom free of his multiple sclerosis (MS), he has stopped snoring, his skin growth has disappeared and I could go on listing the improvements he has experienced. I too have experienced improvements in my health as well, especially In the case of my stomach problems – there has been a miracle there as well.” ~ Linda W.
“Dear George, I so much enjoy your ministry and I find the many people I speak to about your ministry here in London are very interested as well. People’s minds are changing regarding what they are putting into their bodies as nourishment and that is good!” ~ Lynn M., London, England
“Dear Brother George, I am excited about this coming year continuing on the Hallelujah Diet. You may ask why? It is because it has been 13 years since I have been cancer-free and completely cured, not only of my prostate and colon cancers, but also migraine headaches, colds, plus sinus problems, lower leg pain, feet pain, all kinds of allergies, and to top that all off – I have lost 70 pounds off my five foot, eight inch frame. Now that’s a great big – HALLELUJAH! But one thing that I did not lose was my faith in Jesus Christ. Thanks Brother George for your continuing enthusiasm and example of living the abundant life that Christ Jesus promised. In His loving service!” ~ John M., Florida

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