Fight Back Against Arthritis!

Fight Back Against Arthritis!

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For those of you who have ever heard the powerful testimony of Rhonda Malkmus, you know just what an incredible impact a vegan diet can have when it comes to countering the crippling pain often associated with arthritis. In 1981, after a terrible accident that easily could have taken her life, Rhonda was stricken with such debilitating arthritis that she could barely move without experiencing severe pain in almost every joint of her body. (Read Rhonda’s story here) That is, until the fall of 1990 when Rhonda met Reverend George Malkmus, and was introduced to the healing power of plant-based foods. With nothing to lose and everything to gain, Rhonda decided to adopt the same plant-based diet that had helped Rev. Malkmus experience his own health renewal – and the results that she experienced were nothing short of astounding. Free from pain and in the best health of her life, Rhonda’s suffering was finally over – and The Hallelujah Diet was born. Yet, as miraculous as her transformation seemed, her recovery was no miracle. It was simply the result of a life-changing decision to stop her self-destructive eating habits and enable the body’s self-healing abilities through a diet of nutritious, life-enhancing foods! arthritis-kit-blog And while there are numerous dietary and lifestyle factors that influenced Rhonda’s total-body transformation, one of the most significant was the elimination of animal-based foods from her diet. For starters, when animal-based foods, specifically meat, are eliminated from the diet, so is arachidonic acid, a fatty acid that is believed to contribute to inflammation. Emerging research also shows that a plant-based diet reduces the body’s exposure to Neu5Gc – an inflammatory compound found only in meat and animal based products.
When introduced to the human body, Neu5Gc causes the body to develop anti-Neu5Gc antibodies, an immune response which triggers inflammation and has also been linked to an increased risk of cancer and heart disease.
So, naturally, when a person eliminates their exposure to these inflammatory offenders and begins to consume more of the antioxidant-rich, anti-inflammatory compounds found in fruits and vegetables, a reduction in inflammation is likely to occur. Sometimes though, the body needs a little extra push – and that’s why we’ve created The Hallelujah Diet Get Started Arthritis Support Kit, to help those suffering from arthritis achieve the best results possible on the journey to pain-free living. Featuring the fundamental supplements that accompany The Hallelujah Diet, The Hallelujah Diet Get Started Arthritis Support Kit will help ensure that the body is in its best state possible to support the immune system and fight back against inflammation. In addition to receiving a month’s supply of the nutritionally-packed supplements, BarleyMax, and Fiber Cleanse, you will receive a one month supply of Serrapeptase - a proteolytic enzyme that helps reduce inflammation and supports optimal blood flow. You will also receive a one month supply of Joint Health, a unique, dual action formula that has been shown to reduce inflammation, relieve pain and support the body's efforts to rebuild cartilage. The Hallelujah Diet Get Started Arthritis Support Kit also comes with a copy of Simple Weekly Meal Plans recipe book, Volume 1, which features 28 days worth of quick and easy, delicious, full course meal recipes customized especially for The Hallelujah Diet. The journey to ultimate health starts with the first step! So get moving on your pursuit of pain-free living through a plant-based diet today! With The Hallelujah Diet and The Hallelujah Diet Get Started Arthritis Support Kit, embracing health has never been easier!

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