New Hobby: Olympic Weightlifting at Age 56!

New Hobby: Olympic Weightlifting at Age 56!

When a person applies for training as a Hallelujah Acres Health Minister, a part of their application is sharing their experience with the Hallelujah Diet. Below, Carolyn T. who lives in South Carolina shares her experience:
“My husband and I have been on a health seeking journey ever since we married over 26 years ago. My husband’s first wife had died of colon cancer at age 37 and before we met. It was a devastating experience and the effects of that loss motivated us to search out and find some answers for the sake of our children, ourselves, our parents and our friends, and now for our nine grandchildren. We have been to many places seeking an answer, including a trip to hear Rev. Malkmus. After hearing Rev. Malkmus give his “How to Eliminate Sickness” seminar we were intrigued and were willing to accept his challenge when we went up to talk to him after the seminar, when he said, ‘just try it for 21 days.’ We took his 21-day challenge and after 21-days on the Hallelujah Diet felt so much better that we wanted to learn as much as we could. So we went to the Lake Lure Lifestyle Center for my husband’s 65th birthday and as a result of learning so much and applying the diet we have seen so much improvement in our health. I have so much energy at age 56 that I have taken up Olympic weight lifting and have competed in my first national competition. My husband and I want to continue learning and helping others improve their health as there is not a day that goes by that God does not bring someone into our lives who is interested and needs to hear this powerful information regarding ‘You Don’t Have to be Sick.” Before I started eating the Hallelujah Diet I didn’t think that I had poor eating habits nor did I think that I had any serious health problems. Now I realize that I had so many it is difficult to list them all – but I will try listing some of the improvements.
  1. Clearer Skin – no more itchy and blotchy eczema.
  2. No more osteoporosis – stronger denser bones confirmed by scans.
  3. Improved gums – no more gingivitis symptoms.
  4. Good bowel function – no more constipation or need for medications.
  5. Calmer more even temper – no more depression or need for medications.
  6. Better self control – no more food cravings
  7. More energy – improved endurance and strength.
  8. Maintained weight loss – I lost 18 pounds the first year on the diet and have not gained it back.

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