"My life has completely changed!"

"My life has completely changed!"

BarleyMax is making an impact in Australia. Africans are recommending it, too. Find out why so many people around the world are having success by simply changing their diet!
Thank You for all those wonderful emails you send me each week. I read them every one, and then share as many as possible. So please keep those letters coming, as they greatly encourage and inspire me as well as those who read them.
“I have been on The Hallelujah Diet for just over three months and my life has completely changed, health-wise. My blood glucose levels have normalized. My blood pressure and cholesterol are now normal, and I’ve experienced a plethora of other positive results. Everyone has noticed that I am now full of energy and ‘living’. Because of my lifestyle change several others have adopted the diet.” Ray S., Charles Town, West Virginia
“I have been following The Hallelujah Diet for over five years and been reaping wonderful benefits. I believe this way of eating is truly God’s way to vibrant health.” Sylvia G., Sanford, Maine
“Thank you so much for that truly great explanation comparing the difference between growing wheat grass in trays and growing it in the ground. I too started out growing wheat grass in trays after hearing Dr. Ann Wigmore giving a talk here in Perth, Western Australia many years ago. "Then I started using a barley powder product until learning about the exceptionally benefits of your BarleyMax product after reading about it in the Hallelujah Health Tip. I have been hooked on BarleyMax ever since. My three grandchildren, ages 8, 6, and 4 have BarleyMax first thing every morning. Mother doesn’t even have to get it for them or even encourage them to take it as they get their own. "Thank you once again for all the research and effort you put into these weekly Health Tips. God bless you and your team.” Linda G., Perth, Western Australia
“I live in Ghana in Africa and ever since reading your book ‘The Hallelujah Diet’, I have been juicing carrots every morning and eating an 85% raw and 15% cooked food diet. I have really enjoyed the benefits I have experienced since making the diet change and have also been recommending The Hallelujah Diet to many of my friends. I would like to know how you distribute your products outside the United States. I would love to distribute BarleyMax and some of your other products here in Africa because I believe they have the potential of helping a lot of people. Kindly advise me as to how I can go about getting your products for distribution.” Clara A., Ghana, Africa
Hallelujah Acres Responds: Hallelujah Acres ships their products to over 100 countries around the world. Those who have graduated from our Health Minister Training program have the ability to distribute our products or they can be purchased by a legitimate retail business for resale.

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