“Mom Was On Her Deathbed… Until The Hallelujah Diet!”

“Mom Was On Her Deathbed… Until The Hallelujah Diet!”

What’s in a Word? Reading “Mom Was On Her Deathbed… Until The Hallelujah Diet!” 3 minutes Next NEW BOOK! God’s Original Diet – By Rev. George Malkmus

Testimonies have been the lifeblood of the Hallelujah Diet for the past 22 years, and these testimonies are one of the reasons so many people have adopted the diet.

They reason: “If a simple diet change helped the person giving the testimony with their problems, maybe it can help me”.

Below are a few more testimonies to add to the tens-of-thousands from people who have found restored health after adopting the Hallelujah Diet!

“Hi George, long story short, my mother was on her deathbed with pancreatitis, suffering two attacks a day. I thought I was losing her when I came across the Hallelujah Diet website. She adopted the Hallelujah Diet and never had another attack. It is now years later and she is still very, very well. Thank You.”
~ Shirley G.

“Last year, after I was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer I adopted the Hallelujah Recovery Diet after refusing all the doctor’s treatments. My results on the Hallelujah Recovery Diet have been phenomenal – I have lost 70 needed to be lost pounds and am feeling great.”
~ Lynda C., Washington

“My husband and I attended Rev. Malkmus’ last ‘God’s Way to Ultimate Health’ seminar on July 5 in Altamonte Springs, Florida. Following the seminar we immediately adopted the Hallelujah Diet and my husband’s blood sugar reading this morning was a glorious 84….84! He’ll need to check with his doctor about stopping his insulin. Just 19 days ago he was in ICU following a heart attack. I believe his heart will repair too on the Hallelujah Diet. We now juice and swear by it and take the BarleyMax also. We no longer eat meat or seafood and no dairy either. Basically he is no longer diabetic after just 5 days on the Hallelujah Diet.

“During the seminar Rev. Malkmus shared that he and Rhonda eat a blended-salad every evening at their supper meal. I now wonder if they eat a blended salad because they have dentures. My husband is challenged with the raw food because of his tricky dentures. Strangely I resist turning a salad into mush for him. Regarding dentures, does George have dentures?”
~ Crystal T. Orlando, Florida

Rev. Malkmus Responds…

Hi Crystal! Yes, I have dentures but Rhonda does not. We blend our salads not because I have dentures, but because when the salad is blended it increases nutrients reaching cellular level by as much as 7 times. When we don’t chew well, (and most people don’t) most of the nutrients pass right on through the body without the majority of the nutrients ever reaching cellular level. When we blend our salads, we masticate the food, breaking open the cell walls, releasing the nutrients contained within. When we blend our salads, it releases most of the nutrients. After juicing, blending is the next fastest way to provide the body with high quality nutrition.

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NEW BOOK! God’s Original Diet – By Rev. George Malkmus

NEW BOOK! God’s Original Diet – By Rev. George Malkmus

NEW BOOK! God’s Original Diet – By Rev. George Malkmus

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