NEW BOOK! God’s Original Diet – By Rev. George Malkmus

NEW BOOK! God’s Original Diet – By Rev. George Malkmus

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My newest book, “God’s Original Diet” has just been released. Over the past 25 years I have written five books on biblical nutrition. They all contained the best information I was aware of at the time of writing – starting with my first book: “Why Christians Get Sick” written in 1988 at the age of 54. But I have been constantly learning since writing that first book.

My newest book, “God’s Original Diet” was written at the age of 80.

After almost 40 years of personally living the Hallelujah Diet, this book contains the most up-to-date information I have been able to glean from almost 40 years of personal application of the diet and over 20 years of personal research along with the research of our team here at Hallelujah Acres.

This easy-to-read, 241-page paperback contains 38 chapters, some with very thought-provoking chapter headings.

But enough about the new book for a moment while I share briefly of the other books I have written and then later in the article I will share more about what is contained in my new book “God’s Original Diet”.

NEW! God’s Original Diet

Everything I have studied about nutrition and how man was supposed to nourish his physical body has been based on that verse found in the Bible in Genesis 1:29, the very diet God gave to Adam in the Garden of Eden after He had created that first human.

I consider Genesis 1:29 to be “God’s Original Diet” (G.O.D.)

If what I was reading agreed with God’s Genesis 1:29 diet, I accepted it as truth! If it disagreed with Genesis 1:29 I rejected it as error. In other words, God’s Original Diet, as found in the Bible in Genesis 1:29, has been the basis for everything I have believed and taught for the past almost 40 years and remains the basis for everything I believe and teach to this very day.

In my new book “God’s Original Diet” I take the reader back to what God teaches in the Bible concerning nutrition. In the book I take hundreds of verses from the Bible – starting from the creation of man and God giving us a diet He designed our physical bodies to not only exist on, but thrive on.

I then share how man left God’s Original Diet and intent and its consequences.

In this book I share information about such problems as cancer, diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis, cardiovascular problems, allergies, asthma, etc., and show how “God’s Original Diet” can prevent these problems from ever occurring, as well as how it can affect these problems in a positive way even after they have developed.

There are also some very through-provoking chapters including: “How Prayer Can Hinder Healing”; “How Churches Promote Ill Health”; and even one chapter titled “Health Insurance – Dangerous to you Health”.

Throughout the book I pit “God’s Wisdom” against what I call the “World’s Wisdom.” After reading the book you will know whose “wisdom” wins the battle.

We find the following words on the back cover of the book:

“Ever since Rev. Malkmus was restored to health after a diagnosis of Colon Cancer almost 40 years ago, at the age of 42, using God’s Original Diet as found in the Bible in Genesis 1:29 to restore his health, he has had a passion to share with others the wisdom and power of God’s Original Diet. “This highly readable, very informative book needs to be in the hands of every Christian and non-Christian alike, who desires to escape the ravages of sickness and live a life devoid of physical and even psychological problems. “On God’s Original Diet Rev. Malkmus has not only overcome colon cancer, but also a hemorrhagic stroke that left him with no lingering mental or physical effects and has at the writing of this book, reached the age of 80-years still with a strong and healthy body and sound mind.”

Why Christians Get Sick – My First Book

Twenty-six years ago (1988), I wrote my first book, “Why Christians Get Sick” before computers were available. It was written on a typewriter where if you had to add or subtract something from the text, you had to retype the rest of the chapter or in some cases the rest of the book. I had never written a book before and it was quite a time consuming and tedious learning process.

The first thousand copies of “Why Christians Get Sick” were printed in 1989 by a local print shop owner who had been healed of his diabetic and neuropathy problems on the Hallelujah Diet after the doctor had wanted to amputate his foot due. He was in his 60’s at the time and is still alive as I write this, diabetic free, with both his feet as he approaches 90 years of age.

After 14 reprints by this local printer, in 1995 the book was picked up by Destiny Image Publishers, and since then has been printed in some dozen different languages and just recently in the Chinese language.

I must confess, I can’t read a single word in this new Chinese version!

I still have copies of some of the earliest printings, and there are currently a total of over a million copies of this book in print — just in the English language alone.


God’s Way To Ultimate Health

My second book, “God’s Way to Ultimate Health” was written in 1995 with a sub title “A Common Sense Guide for eliminating sickness through nutrition.” It was written with the assistance of Michael Dye and by 1999 there have been 16 printings. This book has generated many wonderful testimonies and letters.

One letter that was especially encouraging to me was from a retired researcher from the FDA/NIH who wrote:

“Dear Rev. Malkmus, I have read your book, your teaching series on Back to the Garden, and the success that you have had with your modified raw diet. I am a research scientist retired from the FDA/NIH. I am currently working on nutrition and oxygen therapy. Our research has shown that when we eat natural nutrients (at least 65% raw fruits and vegetables) there is an energy explosion within our body. This gives the body the necessary tools it needs to rebuild strong cells that it takes to gain control of the body….. We have had great success with our program…..This we believe is or will be the beginning road map to return to the Garden of Eden…..I would like very much to meet with you.” ~ John H. Norris, Ph.D., Maryland


A Christian Health Primer

In 1999 I wrote and self-published a 61-page booklet titled “A Christian Health Primer” later titled “A Message of Hope and Healing”. Many thousands of these booklets have been printed and it is still available from Hallelujah Acres.

Also in 1999 I wrote and self-published another book titled “Y2K” in which I gave ways to prepare for survival after the clock struck midnight on January 1, 2000. In the beginning of the book I wrote: “We do not know how this whole Y2K matter will unfold, but we do want to be able to properly nourish and take care of our physical body/temples and sustain life, no matter what the outcome.”

This book is no longer available, although with world conditions what they are today, it might be good to republish the “prepper” information in it with a new title.

The Hallelujah Diet

The Hallelujah Diet was written with the help of Peter and Stowe Shockey and published by Destiny Image in 2006. This book reached number one on Amazon and was available in Christian book stores, Walmart and Sam’s Club stores. It has also been translated into almost a dozen different languages and has had many dozens of reprints in the English language. A workbook to track your progress on The Hallelujah Diet is also available as a companion to this publication.

Next week, the good Lord willing and if the creek doesn’t rise too high, we will return with another exciting issue of the Hallelujah Health Tip. Trust you will join us and that you will share these Health Tips with friends and loved ones.

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