Meet Ann Malkmus and Her Holistic Approach To Menopause!

Meet Ann Malkmus and Her Holistic Approach To Menopause!

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In our modern world, we are juggling many responsibilities at once. I'm sure that you can relate to my daily roles and responsibilities, which include mother, grandmother, entrepreneur, author, and public speaker... all of these on top of the regular duties of running a home. A few years ago, my husband and I took on a bigger responsibility to care for our teenage son who had cancer. During this time, we wanted him to feel comfortable, so we provided our love and support to him until he passed on to be with the Lord. It was a labor of love, and we dearly miss him. Caring for My Family... and Dealing with My Own Female Concerns While I was caring for my son, I was experiencing my own health concerns of heavy and lengthy menstrual cycles. Honestly, I didn't have much time to consider my own health concerns because I was so focused on my son. For three years, it was wonderful to spend time with my son, but that time definitely impacted my health. I was in my late forties, and had frequent symptoms that included insomnia, headaches, hot flashes, and irritability. Since I previously hadn't suffered from these symptoms, I didn't understand what was happening to my body. Searching for an Answer I wanted to find a holistic approach to menopause and a solution to decrease the symptoms that I was experiencing, so my husband and I started looking for natural remedies that would help me find relief. Ultimately, we had a hard time finding a solution on the market that met our criteria: effective, safe, and proven. I was dealing with the same symptoms that women face all over the world. I've talked with many women who experience health problems that are directly linked to hormone imbalance. These imbalances can cause uncomfortable symptoms for women both young and old, and I became passionate about finding a solution to help women who are dealing with hormone imbalance. My husband and I decided that we needed to create an effective product to meet the needs of women who are experiencing hormone imbalances. So, we designed Luminology to help reduce the symptoms associated with hormone imbalance. Results You Can Trust When we started testing the Luminology product, the women in the testing groups were very satisfied with the results that they experienced. In fact 85% of the women experienced noticeable changes in their symptoms. They were begging to continue with the products, even though they weren't available on the market yet. Here at Luminology, we are experts at The Science of Her, and we want to help you experience balanced hormones and optimal health. Try it for yourself and discover the benefits of hormone balancing with this natural solution.

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