Doctors Called Her Memory Loss "Hopeless"

Doctors Called Her Memory Loss "Hopeless"

In an article in “Live in the Now” dated August 25, 2014 appeared the following article titled 'Doctors Called Her Memory Loss ‘Hopeless': “As we get older and our bodies and minds start to slow down, many people think there’s nothing that can be done about it. Of course this isn’t true. The truth is there are natural solutions that can help you stay healthy and active for years to come. Take a minute to read Lisa K.’s story. It’s a real eye-opener when it comes to “hopeless” memory loss, which is something many of us fear falling victim to in our golden years.
"At 95, Lisa’s future was looking bleaker by the minute. She couldn’t remember names, she had trouble recalling where she had been just hours before and she was forgetting what day it was. She was growing more agitated, so her worried daughter took her to a memory clinic. That’s when everyone’s worst fears were confirmed, and she was given a prescription, which her daughter actually believed made her cognitive problems worse. The story could’ve ended there, with an aging mother losing touch with reality and a heartbroken family helplessly standing by. Luckily, the memory clinic also tested Lisa for vitamin B12 and the results caught her doctor’s eye. Her blood levels were well below normal, so he began B12 treatment immediately. Within days, Lisa’s brain ‘woke up.’ She became less agitated. Her confusion went away. As her daughter recounts, ‘I felt I had my mother back, and she feels a lot better, too.’ Two years later, Lisa was still independent and living in her New York home without outside assistance. Vitamin B12 did the trick."
Thankfully, Lisa and her daughter learned the truth about B12 deficiency before it was too late. Millions of others are not so lucky. Right now, millions of American adults suffer the effects of low B12 and don’t even know it. They think they’re ‘just getting older’ or worse – and like Lisa they are misdiagnosed by their doctor with conditions like advanced cognitive decline…depression, fatigue…insomnia…balance disorders…jaundice paresthiesia (that pins-and-needles tingling)…and then given drugs that don’t fix the problem and may make it worse. If you’ve experienced any of these symptoms, it’s imperative that you take action NOW before irreversible damage occurs. The good news is that B12 deficiency can be remedied easily, quickly and inexpensively. How bad is it? B12 deficiency now affects nearly 50% of older adults. And nearly 40% of all adults are flirting with deficiency status and may already be suffering symptoms as a result. In fact, it’s so frequently missed by doctors that the Centers for Disease Control has rushed out a special course for physicians called 'Why Vitamin B12 Deficiency Should Be on Your Radar Screen.’"

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