Majestic Mountains Bring Out the Best in People

Majestic Mountains Bring Out the Best in People

This past weekend we went hiking in the Appalachian Mountains. Specifically, we hiked Whiteside Mountain. Among the many steps we climbed, we met some interesting sites: A young couple with the dad carrying a small 4 or 5 month old in a carrier on his back. A young mom was carrying an older infant in a carrier on her back as well as her 2 year old in her front arms. She looked loaded and tired! Other sites included an older couple with a wife that was using two walking sticks and she appeared as though she may have had MS. Her husband hovering closely by her side as they slowly made that several mile trek to enjoy the mountain views. We were totally amazed at not only the older couples making this hike but also the young couples with small children in tow. Who would have guessed that the majestic mountain views would beckon such a diverse group of hikers?
Our takeaway was: Let’s never allow ourselves to get too heavy, too filled with arthritis and too old to continue to walk and climb. We also don’t want to get too complacent with our exercise routine and we must remember that the fresh air is just as important as the exercise itself. Everyone was so friendly and affirming, we were beginning to wonder if the elevated air might just be somewhat intoxicating since it seemed to bring out the “niceness” in these people. Perhaps we need to find a way to increase the elevation in our large cities and maybe even in our town hall meetings! Whether you are afraid of heights or afraid of bugs, remember, that God created an enormous, magnificent world and the best way to view it is to get out of your rut, get off that couch, and find out just what you’ve been missing. We have already set the date to return to those mountains in a few months to see the fantastic fall colors that God is already preparing. There will be no other show that can compare to those deep green woods turning into a medley of color. The panoramic view is so breathtaking that anyone who doesn’t believe in God, should just see the vastness of those mountains with the long mountain views, and they will soon realize that no one and no thing could ever be responsible for such awe-inspiring work. Praise God for this great land! May He always continue to bless us, as we feel blessed by His creation.

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