Doctor Says, "Your Test Results Are Amazing!"

Doctor Says, "Your Test Results Are Amazing!"

It is hard to believe what improvements can be make in a person’s health in just 120 days (4 months), but here is a testimony from Kathy who shares how she experienced an unbelievable improvement in her health in exactly that amount of time:
I had been in prayer for 3 years for Jesus to show me how I could serve Him, after I retired from my teaching career. The Lord had blessed me with many skills and talents and so I prayed, ‘Lord, what will you have me to do?’ But I was not receiving an answer, and I questioned ‘Why?’ “Then one Sunday, within my pastor’s message, came the answer. I was in sinful bondage! My obese, sickly body was the result of years of gluttonous, selfish, unhealthy eating. I was in disobedience to the Lord’s will for my bodily temple, and He could not use me while I was still snared by Satan’s SAD worldly diet! “The very next day the opportunity to take the Hallelujah Acres ‘Get Healthy! Stay Balanced’ program presented itself, and I embarked on a Christ-led transforming Journey! All I can say is ‘Hallelujah for the Hallelujah Diet!’ Here is my story: “My doctor used the term ‘obese’ . . . and I was! At 60 pounds over my ideal weight, it was predictable that my medical problems would increase: cholesterol numbers were already creeping up; glucose nearing diabetes range; losing days from work for joint and back pain; bumpy blemished skin; daily acid reflux; depression; binge eating; chronic constipation; brittle hair and nails; energy depletion; trouble sleeping; suffering from multiple allergies; on 2 blood pressure medications; and told by my doctor that I would be on thyroid medication the rest of my life. I craved sugary desserts, chicken wings, pizza, steak and baked potato with the works, chocolate and lots of it, and I selfishly indulged myself! “At this writing, I am only 4 months (120 days) into the Hallelujah Diet. I had blood work done just before going on the Hallelujah Diet, and then just recently had my blood taken again. The results were so amazing that my doctor sat me down and said, ‘Tell me everything you are doing, because these tests are amazing!’ Here’s why he found my blood tests so amazing: “Cholesterol number had dropped 25 points with equally dramatic results in the subtests; the glucose number had dropped to better than normal range; I had lost 27 pounds; I no longer needed thyroid medication because my thyroid had returned to normal function; joint pain has greatly diminished with amazingly quick recovery time when I overuse my back; I have thrown away my acid reflux and constipation products because I don't need them anymore; my skin, hair and nails have been restored; I sleep better and my emotional woes are gone! I no longer crave the foods that were killing me! I feel full of energy and can't stop smiling! And to think that all of these physical improvements occurred after only 120 days on the Hallelujah Diet! “With results as amazing as this, I am so encouraged and committed to the Hallelujah Lifestyle that I want to tell/teach everyone that ‘they don’t have to be sick!’ I look forward to Health Minister training and to even better health as I continue this wonderful journey toward helping and serving others in our Christian community and beyond. Praise God!” ~ Health Minister, Kathleen R., Rochester, New York
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