Follow our checklist to improve your life after cancer.

Life After Cancer: Your Recovery Checklist

Follow our checklist to improve your life after cancer. 
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You've beaten the odds and defeated cancer. But now, you must make improvements toward your long-term health and continue to do whatever you can to ensure your overall well-being. With God's guidance, there are a number of ways to maintain the path to restore your health, and it all starts with making some everyday-life adjustments. Here is a checklist of 10 steps to take to improve your life after cancer:

1. Start Juicing
If you haven't discovered juicing yet, now is a great time to start. Juicing is one of the best ways to nurture your body while recovering from cancer. It allows up to 92 percent of the nutrients to reach cellular level as opposed to less than 30 percent when consuming whole foods. Do your best to drink four to six servings of freshly extracted vegetable juices and three to six servings of BarleyMax each day. The aggressive recovery routine should be followed for a minimum of 12 months and preferably 18 months to provide healing support to the body.

2. Eliminate Toxic Foods from Your Diet
Meat, dairy, white flour, refined sugars, salt and processed foods are substances that feed cancer cells. Eliminate those foods from your everyday diet.

3. Consume More Raw Vegetables
When you're not juicing your raw vegetables, consume them in smoothies, salads, blended salads and in their whole form as often as possible. The nutrients will cleanse your body of leftover toxins.

4. Take Supplements
Have you ever considered taking supplements? HD supplements provide the best nutritional support to rebuild your body. Our most popular products include BarleyMax, FiberCleanse, Professional Strength Probiotics, Digestive Enzymes and more.

5. Stay Hydrated
Water is necessary for facilitating cell movement, transporting nutrients and removing waste matter throughout the body. If you consume your 12 servings of freshly extracted vegetables every day, you'll stay fully hydrated.

6. Minimize Your Toxin Exposure
You shouldn't only eliminate toxic foods. Personal hygiene products such as hair dyes and shampoos, soaps, deodorants and cosmetics all may have toxic substances. Household products like plastic cups, straws, freezer bags and storage containers can be harmful too. Minimize your exposure as best as you can.

7. Begin Exercising Again
Once you've found the energy to exercise again, start small. Slow walks, light weight lifting and Pilates all make great options to rebuild your muscles after recovery.

8. Get Enough Sleep at Night
The body does most of its healing while you're asleep. In the book Unravel The Mystery by Ann Malkmus she suggests getting to sleep around 10 p.m. every night and staying rested for as long as possible until sleep is interrupted.

9. Be Thankful
Staying positive throughout your recovery and beyond is crucial for your well-being. By maintaining feelings of gratitude, you can focus on your overall health and stop concentrating on fear.

10. Keep Praying
Recovering from cancer means you understood mind over matter. Continue doing so with prayer and meditation to keep your spirits up.

"It is important that you keep your mind in a state where you believe with every part of yourself that you will recover and that your body is a miraculous self-healing machine that will overcome this situation," Ann said. "Prayer can keep you in the frame of mind that maintains calm, peace, faith, hope and strength."

Above all, having faith in the Lord will ensure a healthy life after cancer. So stay positive, trust in Him and all will go as planned.

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