The Key to Heart Health Millions Need to Hear

The Key to Heart Health Millions Need to Hear

February… the month of hearts! As you gush over the way your special someone makes your heart skip a beat, take the time to learn about your cardiovascular health—for American Heart Month. American Heart Month is an annual month-long observance in the United States. The goal? To raise awareness about the nationwide problem of heart and blood-vessel diseases. American Heart Month also aims to increase support of all the essential programs working to research the disease, save victims and find feasible ways to remedy the problem for good. This year, make a promise to yourself to jumpstart your heart health by eating a diet rich in pure, organic and fresh vegetables. Remember—you cannot exist without your heart. The health of your heart resonates through your entire body, mind and soul. Give it the TLC it deserves for all-around, vibrant health. “Plant-based nutrition provides us with a pathway to escape the coronary artery disease epidemic.”—Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr., MD Know the facts: How does heart disease affect you? Are you at risk for heart disease? Here are facts from the CDC that you need to know:
  • Heart disease is the number one killer of Americans.
  • Heart disease is a leading cause of disability.
  • Heart disease costs the U.S. over $300 billion every year.
  • 1 in every 3 deaths is due to heart disease and stroke.
  • Men are twice as likely to die from heart disease than women each year.
What causes heart disease? Heart disease begins when the inner layers of the arteries in your heart are damaged. Then, even as early as childhood, plaque starts to build up where the arteries are harmed. Eventually, this build-up of plaque can harden and break loose, which can cause your arteries to narrow. This restricts the flow of oxygen-rich blood to the heart. Blood clots can form around the ruptured plaque and sometimes seal off an artery which could cause a heart attack. Here are the top causes of heart disease according to the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute:
  • Smoking or secondhand smoke
  • High amounts of certain fats and cholesterol in the blood
  • High blood pressure
  • High blood sugar levels due to insulin resistance or diabetes
  • Blood vessel inflammation
Can a plant-based diet really prevent and combat heart disease? The short answer? Yes, absolutely. A diet rich in raw, plant-based foods and is 100% lacking in processed junk food, sugars, meat products, alcohol and other toxic substances has proven time and again to keep heart disease at bay. This has been demonstrated by the survival and resistance of actual people who follow a plant-based diet. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr., MD, who leads the cardiovascular prevention and reversal program at the Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute, made this very astute observation in a study published in Experimental and Clinical Cardiology: “The epidemic of cardiovascular disease is nonexistent in cultures which thrive predominantly on whole foods, plant-based nutrition.” In the same report, after dissecting three case studies of heart-related diseases, Dr. Esselstyn concluded, “Each case demonstrates disease progression and the failure of the standard cardiovascular approaches in contrast to the prompt, powerful and enduring resolution of disease with whole foods, plant-based nutrition. These outcomes constitute an additional mandate that patients with cardiovascular disease be offered a plant-based option which is safe, inexpensive, empowering, and has the potential to end cardiovascular disease epidemic.” When it comes to heart disease, you can’t control certain risk factors such as family history, age or gender, but clearly you can change your diet to drastically make a positive impact on your heart. The Mayo Clinic agrees: “You can prevent heart disease by following a heart-healthy lifestyle.” The Hallelujah Diet is the best and easiest way to implement a “heart-healthy lifestyle.” Pair that with regular exercise and avoiding tobacco use and you’ll radically reduce your risk for developing heart disease.

What does this mean for you?

Action Steps to Get Your Heart Pumping

Simply put: the better you treat your body, the better it will treat you. You wouldn’t pour dirty oil and gas into your car, so why would you put processed, sugar-laden, fatty foods into your body? The Hallelujah Diet is the best way to get your body in the best state of health in order to ward off heart disease. When you tap into the miracle of raw vegetables, you nurture your body’s self-healing abilities so it can protect you from the many causes of heart disease.

Follow the tips below to get your body into tip-top running condition:
  • Follow the Hallelujah Diet: 85% raw, plant-based and 15% cooked vegan foods.
  • Limit your fruit intake to no more than 15% of your entire daily diet.
  • Important: If you’re on any blood-thinning medications, work with your doctors to adjust your medication doses to coincide with your increased greens intake.
  • Eat a full salad with every meal – traditional, blended or as a smoothie.
  • Drink plenty of water – 1/2oz of liquid per pound of body weight (including juices).
  • 48oz of this juice blend: 2/3 carrots & 1/3 greens. Drink 8oz portions throughout the day.
Get Started Today Don’t delay! To prevent and fight heart disease, we recommend a healthy diet full of raw vegetables and our Cardiovascular Get Started Kit, which we put together specifically to bolster your heart and, of course, the rest of your body: Hallelujah Diet Cardiovascular Heart Get Started Kit
  • 1 BarleyMax® 4.2oz: Like with any illness or disease, saturating your living cells with an abundance of nutrients helps strengthen the body overall and stand against even the most severe health culprits. Our signature product, BarleyMax® is a pure green juice powder and the most nutritionally dense broad-spectrum living-food product in the marketplace.
  • 1 Fiber Cleanse Green Apple 8.5oz: Fiber is critical to our health. Without the recommended amount in our diets, we can develop a much higher rate of heart disease risk factors, such as obesity, chronic inflammation and metabolic syndrome.
  • Serrapeptase: When used on an empty stomach, the enzyme serrapeptase enters the bloodstream to support the body's efforts in removing non-living organic matter that may impede blood flow.
  • New Generation Bio-Curcumin: Curcumin helps support the body in maintaining healthy blood and circulatory function as well as healthy cholesterol levels. It helps reduce inflammation, which is another underlying factor in cardiovascular disease.
  • Pharmax Finest Pure Fish Oil 16oz: Omega-3s provides protection from excess inflammation that often damages arteries — damage that leads to cardiovascular disease.
  • Simple Weekly Meal Plans recipe book, Volume 1: Features 28 days worth of quick, easy and delicious full-course meal recipes customized especially for The Hallelujah Diet™.
Heart disease is a dangerous condition, but with the Hallelujah Diet and our Cardio Get Started Kit, you’ll be more than prepared. You can have a healthier future with this simple change to your life. If you’re already suffering from heart disease, don’t despair: As we’ve seen with hundreds of people, it’s never too late to get your life back.

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