Juice Fast, Juice Cleanse…No matter what you call it, you will love it!

Juice Fast, Juice Cleanse…No matter what you call it, you will love it!

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People everywhere are talking about juice cleanses. Drinking only vegetable juice for two or three days used to be called juice fasting and has been in existence for over 70 years. We have to agree though, going on a juice cleanse does sound more appealing than a juice fast.

In the 1930’s,Dr. Max Gerson found that daily juicing was invaluable in curing himself from debilitating migraines. Dr. Norman Walker, in the early 1900’s, who lived to be well over 100, assisted many people in restoring their health while drinking vegetable juices. Nearly 40 years ago, George Malkmus found juicing an effective way to rid himself of cancer and has spoken of the great value of juicing ever since. Although it is now called “juice cleansing”, and celebrities and their doctors are touting the benefits of this anti-aging elixir, we find it actually humorous first, in how long it has taken for people to get on the “juicing bandwagon,” and second, that many people really only see the value of juicing as an easy weight loss option.

Granted, a few days on juices exclusively will get you back on track with your healthy diet, make your skin glow, and of course, help you lose a few pounds. Yes, it is a definite cleanse, but what is even more exciting is that if you continue to add juice into your daily life and not just for a few days under the guise of a cleanse, the added benefits of nutrients, vitamins and minerals every day will result in lower blood pressure, lower blood sugar and greater stamina and energy among many others.

Why wouldn’t everyone want the juices from that 3-day juice cleanse to become a more permanent fixture in their diets so they can reap the rewards that those succulent juices provide to the tens of thousands of thirsty cells each and every day? Who says the fountain of youth must be near a mountain or in a large bed of water? We think it’s in a glass of celery, kale, cucumber and carrot juice!

Life has come a long way since Norman Walker taught us about juicing. The machines are easier to use, the produce is easier to obtain and when neither of those are convenient enough, Hallelujah Acres has even developed a way to create juice powders that are enzymatically alive and packed with nutrients. They need only be mixed with water to create a refreshing, nourishing, cleansing beverage making it easy to get in your daily juices or do a juice cleanse! Whether it’s beet juice (BeetMax), carrot juice (CarrotMax), or leafy green juice (BarleyMax), you have the best and healthiest options available to keep drinking your juice!

Those movie stars and Hollywood doctors have only recently taken to the juicing craze, but we have known for many years the “secret sauce” that has enabled thousands of people to regain their health and live a quality life that far exceeded their expectations. This is no craze and it is no fad. Try consuming vegetable juice for a few days and discover the benefits of a juice cleanse for yourself.

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