Is It Hip To Be Healthy?

Is It Hip To Be Healthy?

Do you remember what the trendy illness of the 70’s was? I don’t either. And then the 80’s brought….hmmm…. I can’t remember that one either.
The 90’s trendy illnesses were ADD and ADHD. Fibromyalgia was big then too. Lyme Disease came on the scene as well. Carpal tunnel syndrome, Asthma, Osteoporosis, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (aka Yuppie Flu), Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Super bugs, and even Back pain. The biggest cause of sick leave in the 90’s was backache, with one in seven workers claiming it.

The first decade in 2000 brought depression, HPV, blood pressure concerns, obesity, Celiac Disease, and blood sugar issues.
The second decade in 2000 appears to be addressing Autism, Ebola, Gluten sensitivity, Zika, and Thyroid. Even Stress is now a diagnosed illness!

What do many of these trendy illnesses have in common? It is called medicine. Whether it will be a new vaccine or a new drug, these trendy illnesses will have something to help them with soon, if they haven’t already.

While Paul and I were discussing the changing faces of disease and illness we began to see a clear trend starting years ago regarding which new illness was going to be widely and profusely discussed through a particular period of time. As we reminisced what happened to friends of our children as well as our own acquaintances it soon became evident through the timeline of how new illnesses, viruses and issues have begun to crop up consistently throughout the last couple of decades.

While these trendy illnesses may be real and people actually do suffer from them, it is noteworthy just how many research dollars are being spent on new drugs and vaccines for them. The point we want to make here is that if history is any indication, there will be many new, up and coming illnesses, diseases and health concerns making news throughout the rest of our lives.

So what? Well, as we age we know how challenging it is to maintain a healthy immune system anyway. Coupled with a greater toxic environment and new stressors, our bodies are continuing to repair and recover every day. Proper oral hygiene, nutrition, nutritional supplementation, consistent detoxifying, positive attitude, rest, stress management and maintaining spiritual connection with God are vastly more important than being concerned about the super bugs of tomorrow.

When you think about it, there really is no other way for the mainstream medical community to continue their stream of revenue generation. Just as gasoline in your car is a consumable product that must be re-purchased for you to continue to run your car, so is the belief that once you are on a high blood pressure drug, or a cholesterol drug, you will be a customer for life.

Should a new Zika virus concern you? Being aware of things is fine. Being obsessed over them is dangerous and can create a potentially life changing direction that you never need to make.

Try to stay aware of the news that discusses the trending changes in nutrition. While you may rarely ever see it on the main stream media, there are great sources like the Hallelujah Diet that will continue to bring to you the trends that truly matter.

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