Introducing Advanced Superfood by HDiet

Introducing Advanced Superfood by HDiet

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Introducing a great way to help you supercharge your vegetable intake. Its called Advanced Superfood by the Hallelujah Diet. And it is jam-packed with 15 vegetables, cereal grass juice powder, and other superfoods. It is 100% organic. It has stuff in there you recognize (spinach, broccoli, kale, beets, Brussels sprouts), and stuff that is off the beaten path (dandelions, moringa leaves, nopal leaves). It has super dense foods like barley grass juice powder, wheat and oat grass juice powder, alfalfa juice powder, spirulina, chlorella and dunaliella. It has lots of variety. We searched from an extensive list of vegetable providers to bring you the very widest variety of organic vegetables we could get into the jar. Not only that, but we thought about how to help you get the most out of the vegetables in this blend. Digestive enzymes and sunflower seed lecithin help you digest and absorb more nutrients. We also added in prebiotic fibers proven to help build up a healthier amount of beneficial bacteria in your lower GI tract, leading to a stronger immune system, better digestion, and fuel for the lining of your colon. Yes, I know you were really worried about that last one, but we have it covered! But seriously, your beneficial bacteria digest fibers (only from plants) and produce short chain fatty acids that the cells of the colon wall use for energy. No fiber = low energy = low cellular repair = loss of function (do I need to say more?). So we feed the bacteria that feed you. If you are an athlete, bodybuilder, or a health enthusiast this superfood is an excellent choice to help you push your body to the limits of health and performance. If you are following a plant-based or vegan diet and lifestyle, this superfood will help you succeed and make the most of your diet’s strengths.

Detailed Ingredient information:

Cereal grasses: Barley grass juice, wheat grass juice, and oat grass juice give you even more variety than we have in any other product. While there are some differences in the nutrient profile of these three grasses, the biggest difference comes in the way the grass is cultivated and harvested. Our organic grasses are cultivated in mineral-rich soil, with continual soil amendments added to provide consistently high nutrient grass. Harvesting is done at the peak of nutrition cleanly, with not a blade of grass hitting the ground. Juicing takes place quickly and the juice is quickly chilled to preserve nutrition. Dehydration is done quickly at low temperatures to prevent loss of enzyme activity and essential oils. An inert atmosphere is created during dehydration to prevent oxidation of any oxygen sensitive nutrients. The powder is then stored at low temperatures until it is put into the bottle for you. The whole process is state of the art organic cereal grass juice production. What’s missing? The fiber. Some products use whole grass powder. Not here. By juicing the grass all of the nutrients locked inside the cells of the grass are released to enhance absorption. It is easier to dry a juice at low temperature than a whole grass powder. Grass juice powder compared to grass powder is like comparing grape juice and raisins. Which tastes more like a grape? You get the freshest, best-tasting, most nutrient-bioavailable food using the cereal grass juice powder. Micro-algae: Spirulina, chlorella, and dunaliella are single-cell micro-algae. Spirulina and chlorella are two of the most nutrient-dense (superdense) foods on the planet. They are very dark green, indicating that they are very rich in chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is a cleansing nutrient and can easily bind up any pesticides in the GI tract. The dark green is hiding a wealth of carotenoids as well. With over 60% protein spirulina is the richest source of easily digestible protein. Chlorella has the unique property of being a chelator of heavy metals. So taking chlorella slowly and gently eliminates heavy metals from your body. Dunaliella salina is one of the richest sources of carotenoids on the planet. Sea Vegetables: The kelp and dulse in this superfood blend add some trace minerals that are not commonly found in land vegetables. Food from the sea has always been important for long-term health of a culture, but we have mostly forgotten that ancient wisdom. Garden Vegetables: Almost half of this blend is these 15 vegetables. Not only leafy greens like spinach and kale, but also roots like carrots and beets, sweet potatoes, and fruits like tomatoes and pumpkins, cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, Brussels sprouts and cabbage, and condiments like ginger and parsley. There is a good variety, well-rounded mix of vegetables here. Special Extras: Moringa oleifera is an all-around nutritious plant, with a different set of phytochemicals not seen in other plants. Its properties are still being researched with new effects published monthly. Some African and Asian cultures refer to it as the “Tree of Life.” Nopal cactus supports healthy blood sugar levels and is an excellent source of antioxidants. A single broccoli sprout has all of the glucosinolates of the whole head of broccoli that comes from that little sprout. So broccoli and cauliflower sprouts bring you concentrated sources of these unique bioactive compounds. Prebiotics: (and why there are no probiotics in the jar) Agave inulin (a source of fructooligosaccharides), gum acacia, oat bran fiber (an organic source of beta-glucans), and aloe vera extract are all bifidogenic. They all stimulate the proliferation of beneficial bacteria in the colon (which is just one of the beneficial actions of aloe vera). All plant fibers do stimulate the growth of these bacteria to some extent, but these fibers excel at this. No probiotics are added to this formula because probiotics are very instable when exposed to oxygen and moisture, which happens every time you open the jar. It is a better strategy to feed your beneficial bacteria the fibers they need for food, and supplement probiotics separately using Professional Strength Probiotic. Delivery System: You are what you absorb, not what you eat. That is why digestive enzymes are added to this product. Only when plant cells are broken open and complex substances are broken down does absorption of nutrients occur. Organic lecithin from sunflower seeds and coconut flour helps emulsify the fat-soluble nutrients abounding in this superfood blend. The addition of a small amount of fat is all that is needed to get the full benefit from this product. Flavoring: An organic berry flavor powder is used to make this superfood blend delicious for any palate. The essential flavors are extracted from a mix of berries and stabilized on an organic acacia gum. There is no sweetener in this flavor powder, and by itself its rather tart. Just the right amount of stevia gives it a sugar-free, natural sweetness. Of course, you can make the flavor more or less intense by how much water or drink you mix the powder into. Flavoring Note for the Plain version: This plain flavor superfood blend lets you put in whatever flavor you want. Have it your way and save that extra bit of space for all the goodness of the other ingredients. You get a little more of every ingredient that way. Advanced Superfoods

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