"Incurable" Macular Degeneration... GONE!

"Incurable" Macular Degeneration... GONE!

"Two summers ago I was diagnosed with macular degeneration – an "incurable" disease. I was the youngest patient my eye doctor had ever seen with this devastating eye disease and said that I would probably be completely blind in about ten years. She sent me to a retina specialist who confirmed the disease. "I started on the Hallelujah Diet 100% shortly after hearing my prognosis thanks to the advice from my good friend and Health Minister, Rebecca H. "Six months later I returned to the eye doctor because I was having trouble seeing clearly out of my right eye (I wear contacts for near-sightedness). She gave me an eye exam and dilated my eyes again to check for problems. Completely astounded, she said, "You are having trouble seeing because your right eye has improved by four diopters so your contacts are too strong for your eye. Not only that, your macular degeneration is gone!" "She asked me if I had been doing anything differently and I happily told her all about the Hallelujah Diet. She has been sharing the word with her other patients who also suffer from this ‘incurable’ disease. "I went back to see her last week for my annual exam as she had said she couldn't wait to see me to see if the macular degeneration had come back or not – it had not! She confirmed that not only was I the youngest person she had ever seen to have macular degeneration, I was now the only person she has ever known to cure themselves of this "incurable" disease! Praise God!” ~ Nancy R.
"A number of years ago I lived in South Carolina and my husband and I went to your seminars. We got on the Hallelujah Diet and got healthy. Somehow we got off it and my husband died. Time went on and my situation changed. I now live in Florida to be near my daughter. My older sister has just been widowed and she came here to live with me in a Florida Baptist Retirement Center. We love it, but our health is declining and I now realize that we need to be on the Hallelujah Diet. I just bought a Champion juicer and bought carrots. I now need to get some BarleyMax and get started on the road to better health. I don’t remember what else we should be eating for our daily meals. Any suggestions? May God bless you and your wife.” ~ Elinor L., Florida
Rev. Malkmus Comments... Elinor, you will find all the information you are looking for in our Hallelujah Diet Get Started Guide.

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