If Carolyn Can Do It, So Can You!

If Carolyn Can Do It, So Can You!

Why does it take Carolyn "10 times longer" to juice and make many of the foods you can make in just a few minutes on The Hallelujah Diet? Find out and discover her amazing vigor for good health!
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Welcome to this week's testimonies! I trust the Lord has given me wisdom as to which testimonies to share that will be of the most benefit and encouragement to you! It has been 14 years since we began sharing testimonies in the Health Tip — and we definitely wouldn't have them if a diet and lifestyle change didn't work!
“Dear George, Your efforts with these Health Tips have been incredibly helpful. Prior to adopting The Hallelujah Diet a year ago, I suffered with constant diarrhea. When I stay strict on the diet I no longer suffer with diarrhea. But each time I venture into the world of meats and high carbohydrates I feel sick and my acid reflux flares up. Thankfully I now know how to manage this problem – run back quickly to The Hallelujah Diet. I struggle sometimes to stay on the program because I am an amputee with major hip problems. Because of my limitations it takes me 10 times longer to prepare the food than it would others. However, even with my limitations I still manage to make the vegetable juices, salads, salad dressings, vegan meals and even dehydrated foods. Having to spend all this time in the kitchen, along with the doing the laundry and keeping the house clean is sometimes exhausting. I would love to hear a few words of encouragement from you. Thank you for your life-long commitment to helping others eat well!” Carolyn B., Kimberly, Idaho
EDITOR'S NOTE – Friends, if Carolyn, an amputee, can do the diet, so can you if you really want to! Yes, it has not been easy for her, but even with great difficulty she has done it and experienced the benefits. I have learned that most things that are good for us are not easy – but when done – are worth it. May Carolyn be a motivation to many of our readers to give The Hallelujah Diet a try!
“Dear Rev. Malkmus: I wish to thank you for saving lives by educating people about what the proper diet they should follow is, in order to properly nourish their physical bodies. And you and I know that God told us what that diet should be in Genesis 1:29. God created the human body with the innate ability to heal itself when provided the proper nutrients. I experienced that innate healing by becoming a vegan in 1963 – nearly 50 years ago. Prior to changing my diet and lifestyle in 1963 I had the typical aches and pains that affect most Americans, but I also suffered with more than just the typical aches and pains. I had gone to many doctors and had been advised that it would require seven surgeries to improve my health. Not wanting to go under the knife, and after an eighth doctor told me ‘you have the most serious and life threatening conditions I have ever seen’, and not wanting to be immediately rushed into surgery to save my life as the doctor wanted me to do, I declined his generous offer and opted to adopt a 100% plant based diet. Thanks to the Lord, He enlightening me that rather than needing surgery to correct my physical problems I needed to change my diet and lifestyle. As a result of making that diet change 50 years ago I never had a single surgery. Following that diet and lifestyle change, and for the past 50 years and on a 100% plant based diet, I have experienced optimum health. Through the years my research and personal experience have proven that raw, plant-sourced foods are the optimum diet for optimum health. I once read about two PhDs who bought a beautiful home in the country and decided to remove the destroyer of health from their home – the kitchen stove. I thought you’d like hearing that story.” Harold A.
“George, you are an inspiration to me! I love reading your Health Tips – thank you for writing them! I learned about the benefits of a raw, vegan diet about a year ago and knew immediately in my heart it was the way to eat. I tried to tell the people in my church, and especially in bible study on college campus that the cookies, brownies, and Kool-Aid they were consuming were terrible for them. But whenever I attempted to encourage them to a healthier lifestyle I got the evil stares and was accused of just being another ‘health nut.’ I am a biochemist student with a minor in nutrition and know it is my calling to inspire and teach people about proper diet and lifestyle. In fact my dream is to travel from church to church and share that a vegan diet can prevent and cure cancer, diabetes, heart disease even , plus many more physical problems by educating them with the knowledge I have gained from you Mr. Malkmus. God is good – SO GOOD!” Julia V.

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