I Healed Myself of Leukemia - At Age 65

I Healed Myself of Leukemia - At Age 65

Should George Retire? What Do You Think? Reading I Healed Myself of Leukemia - At Age 65 4 minutes Next Healthy How-To's Coming Your Way!
When I asked readers whether I should retire or not, I received a huge response — and I also received a wealth of testimonies! One that really stood out was from a 73-year-old woman who healed herself of leukemia eight years ago. A remarkable achievement since doctors told her that she would die without their treatments. Here is her story...
“Dear George, I was told by the medical establishment in 2005 that I had leukemia and would not be able to survive the cancer without their treatments. My former pastor in Pennsylvania told me about you and the Hallelujah Diet. I have been on your diet and health plan for the past eight years and I am cancer free. I was 65 years old when I made the diet change and today at age 73, I am 73 years YOUNG and loving every moment of my life! I thank God morning, noon and night for God leading me to Hallelujah Acres for my healing, vitality, strength and endurance. And regarding your retiring at age 80, dear Brother George, you are needed in this dark world and I believe you are still too young to retire! There are too many others out there today like me, that without the information you are sharing in your weekly Health Tips, would not know there is a better way than the world’s way of taking care of their physical bodies.” ~ Peggy F.
“Dear Rev. Malkmus, With regard to your retiring at age 80, you certainly deserve it, but from a purely selfish perspective, I hope that you never retire from writing your weekly “Health Tips”. Like advertising serves to keep on reminding customers of why they choose the brands they do, your Health Tips keep reminding me of why I chose the whole foods plant based diet God told us we should eat in the Bible in Genesis 1:29, and why I should continue to do so. I look forward to your tips every week to keep me on the straight and narrow, but even if you cut back to writing them every-other week, they would still be extremely welcome. Your accumulated wisdom is what I find so valuable. In fact, it is irreplaceable!” ~ Ben P., Australia
“Hi George, You are no doubt the youngest, most energetic 80-year-old on the planet. I can’t see you giving up the work you have been so passionate about for the past over 20 years. I believe along with your diet and lifestyle, your work is a big part of what keeps you so very young in body and mind, and I believe you know that to be true. Please for my sake and the sake of the suffering multitudes that need your Health Message, keep preaching it Brother!” ~ Terry P.
“Dear Rev. George Malkmus, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your having dedicated your life to the cause of helping people improve their health through a simple, biblical, diet and lifestyle changes. A cause that obviously God has so abundantly blessed. Please keep on going as much as you feel called to do. Your heart will tell you, led by the Spirit of God, when you should slow down. It seems to me that that time has not as yet come. Our Lord Jesus Christ bless you and your wife and everyone at Hallelujah Acres abundantly.” ~ Merlin H.

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