Should George Retire? What Do You Think?

Should George Retire? What Do You Think?

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If retirement isn’t what it is cracked up to be, it’s all my fault! You see, on my 79th birthday, I told my son Paul (president of Hallelujah Acres), that I was going to start retiring. The plan was to retire completely on my 80th birthday in February 2014, and by the time I reached my 80th birthday (only a few months away now), I would probably totally retire. His response to me was: “Dad, it is completely up to you just how much you want to do and how fast you want to retire.” At the time I felt great, but surely as I got closer to the 80th birthday I was going to start failing and I would want to slow down in my commitments to Hallelujah Acres. Or would I? So, how’s it all working? As I near my 80th birthday in February 2014, I still feel great, my health is still great, my energy is great, and my desire to help people, has never been greater — especially to help God’s people improve their health and have bodies fit for the Master’s use has never been greater. And just what am I doing these days?

God's Way To Ultimate Health Seminars

This past Friday, Rhonda and I drove to Valdosta, Georgia for a seminar the next morning in the James H. Rainwater Conference Center. Saturday morning I was up at 6:00 a.m., and at 8:00 I went over to the Conference Center and found that Julie Faust (on staff at Hallelujah Acres), who had driven down from Hallelujah Acres in North Carolina Friday was already there and already had the 300-seat room set up for the seminar. Just before 9:00 people started arriving for the 10:00 seminar. They were there from all over southern Georgia, to as far north as Atlanta, and all over northern Florida, to as far south as Tampa. There were also folks there from Ohio, North Carolina, and Maine. It was so thrilling greeting the people, especially a pastor who was not only on the Hallelujah Diet and had people at the seminar, but had preached a series of sermons in his church using material from my books. There were several chiropractors there who were on the Hallelujah Diet and had told their patients about it. One of the chiropractors teaches health in the local hospital using the Hallelujah Diet as the foundation for his classes! The other chiropractors offer Hallelujah Diet products in their office. One said he sells over 1,000 Survival Bars every month. The “God’s Way to Ultimate Health” seminar began sharp at 10:00 with success stories from those in attendance who had seen their health improve after adopting the Hallelujah Diet. This is always the highlight in all my seminars, and this seminar was no exception. The people present were impressed as person after person reported cancers, diabetes, arthritis and so many other problems gone as a result of making the diet change, along with tremendous energy increases and weight losses. It was a great seminar! After it was over, we drove the three hours back to our home in St. Augustine, Florida. We arrived home refreshed about 4:30 in the afternoon, in time to take in some College football, and have a delightful supper of blended salad and stir fried veggies with rice. After supper we went for a 2-mile walk; a great way to end an action-packed day! Our next “God’s Way to Ultimate Health” seminar is scheduled for November 2nd in Charlotte, North Carolina. It will be held in the Sheraton Charlotte Airport Hotel, 3315 Scott Futrell Drive. While there, we will visit Hallelujah Acres International Headquarters in Gastonia (916 Cox Road) and see all the wonderful staff at Hallelujah Acres — I hope to see you there!

Biblical Nutrition 101

Two weeks ago, I began my second 8-week class of Biblical Nutrition 101 in my home church, Turning Point at Calvary, here in St. Augustine, Florida. In my earlier class in late spring, we had a high attendance in the class of over 200 people. Because of such a large turnout the first time, I did not expect large numbers for the second installment. At first I thought my assumptions were correct, as only people signed up for the class. However, on the night of the first lesson we had 28 in attendance, the second class we had 36, and and I am anticipating as many as 50 for the third lesson coming up this next Tuesday! Each week, I briefly review the previous lessons. So, it is not too late to join us if you live within driving distance! Best of all, the class and lesson materials are FREE! Next class is Tuesday, October 8, 6:30 pm at Turning Point at Calvary Church, 2-miles west of Interstate 95, Exit 318 in St. Augustine, Florida. Please come if you can, as Rhonda is preparing refreshments for those in attendance! Each week we show a different video; the next lesson will feature a video of success stories from people who have seen their cancer disappear after making the simple diet change. If you are interested in attending, click here to contact me so that I can have enough lessons printed up.

Weekly Health Tip

I am still writing the weekly Health Tips every week! This particular Health Tip that you are reading is consecutive issue #830 — that's almost 16 consecutive years of Health Tips every week, without fail! I hope you are finding the information in these tips helpful.

Where Do We Go From Here?

What should I do, now that my 80th birthday is getting closer and closer? I honestly don’t know! Should I stop traveling for the monthly seminars around the southeastern U.S.? Or, should I go to a seminar possibly every-other month? Should I reduce the number of Health Tips from weekly to every other week or stop them altogether? What are your thoughts? I still feel great – have great health and energy! I would appreciate your thoughts! Are the seminars still a blessing? Are you reading and getting a lot of encouragement from the Health Tips? Are you forwarding the Health Tips to friends and loved ones and encouraging others, along with yourself to come to the seminars when I am holding one close to where you live? Your thoughts would be appreciated. Click here to send me your thoughts — thank you!

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