How To Maintain Healthy Immunity

How To Maintain Healthy Immunity

An article in the July 2015 issue of Dr. David Brownstein’s “Natural Way To Health” caught my attention. Below is a little of what Dr. Brownstein had to say regarding “How to Maintain Healthy Immunity”:

“Maintaining a healthy immune system can lessen the chances of developing shingles (as well as most other physical problems). How do you do that?

“Eat a healthy diet, free of refined foods and sugar is a good start. Maintaining hydration and optimizing vitamin and mineral levels also helps…..”

Rev. Malkmus Comments

This is a subject that is near and dear to my heart. It is also something I have been writing and cautioning people about for over 23 years. Our health is dependent to a great extent on how strong we keep our immune system through diet and lifestyle. An excellent diet and lifestyle keeps our immune system strong and resilient, while a poor diet and lifestyle weakens our immune system and makes it susceptible to germs, viruses, bacteria and cancer. Keeping a strong immune system starts by eliminating those things that weaken it as Dr. Brownstein emphasizes in his above article, but it also involves giving the body the nutrients necessary to rebuild the immune system and strengthen it so that it will resist these negative influences. The very best way I know to build immunity is with a primarily raw, plant-based diet with lots of raw, freshly extracted vegetable juices and an abundance of vigorous exercise, along with supplements that will make up for any nutrients missing in the foods that we eat. The Hallelujah Diet — and lifestyle — provides the body with the tools it needs to improve our immune system so that it will be strong enough to resist almost all physical challenge people are experiencing.

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