How are Food Addictions Impacting Your Health?

How are Food Addictions Impacting Your Health?

Food addiction is a battle that some people face on a daily basis, and many people suffering from this condition don’t realize how dangerous it is for their health. It is common knowledge that drug and alcohol addiction is harmful, but eating food doesn’t seem to fall within the same category as these dangerous substances.

Poor Dietary Habits Lead to Disease

The truth is that poor dietary habits have a direct connection to the development of disease. In fact, some doctors are now arguing that obesity is more dangerous than smoking! When a person is addicted to food, they find it hard to control their consumption and they often make poor choices by eating junk food and highly processed treats. As a result, the food addiction can cause a number of health problems, including heart disease, cancer, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, low energy and stamina and more.

Food Addiction is Real

The problem is that certain types of foods can actually trigger the same parts of the brain that are activated by addictive drugs such as heroin or cocaine. Salt, sugar, and fats are usually the triggers for these brain changes, making the person crave even more of the unhealthy foods. When these foods are eaten, certain “feel-good” chemicals are released in the brain that create a temporary high. These reward pathways within the brain are triggered with the consumption of unhealthy foods, causing the person to continue having cravings to eat more junk food.

Signs of Food Addiction

Are you suffering from food addiction? Do you suspect that a friend or family member is suffering from food addiction? These are some of the signs that you should be watching for:
  • Eating, even when you aren’t hungry
  • Weight fluctuations
  • Eating too much food, making you feel ill
  • Obsessive behavior with food
  • Going out of your way to get certain foods, even when they aren’t available
  • Focusing on food more than family or work
  • Self-loathing after eating

How to Overcome Food Addiction

Even though eating is an everyday experience, it is important to seek professional help if you are suffering from a food addiction. By working with a professional, you can overcome the tendency to overeat and gain more control over your daily habits. Also, set yourself up for success by having healthy foods that you can enjoy at every meal. These recipes can support your overall health, and make it easier to overcome the food cravings that you have been experiencing. Check out the Unravel the Mystery Bundle for a book of healthy recipes that you can enjoy. Also, remember that one of the strongest sources of power that you can tap into is through the power of God. Make sure that you include regular prayer and daily devotion to help you overcome the addiction. With consistent effort and the added support from God, it is possible to experience freedom from the addiction that you have been experiencing.

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