How To Get Fit... and Stay Fit!

How To Get Fit... and Stay Fit!

Dave Hubbard is no stranger to fitness. In fact, he's a former pro football player. Now, you may be saying, "Great, he's in perfect shape and I'm not... what can I possibly learn from that guy?" The truth is, Dave's not "that guy" anymore. After he retired from football, he gained weight, became out-of-shape, and nearly died after a skydiving accident — which forced him to re-invent his personal fitness routine. Today, he helps others come back from the brink of fitness disaster, and knows the secrets to making fitness work... in as little as 10 minutes a day! Here's how he does it, and what he has to say about weight loss, muscle building, body fat, long-vs-short workouts, and the myth of BMI...

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