How Others Are Healing God's Way!

How Others Are Healing God's Way!

Can changing your diet really change cancer outcomes? Yes! In fact, after changing their diet, people in this week's testimonies have canceled cancer surgeries, refused chemotherapy, and are feeling healthier than ever!
Much of my mail deals with cancer! Many Christian tells me of the devastation cancer is causing in their lives and the lives of their loved ones after they have dealt with cancer the “World’s Way”. But then there are those exciting letters telling how different the results when they have dealt with cancer “God’s Way”.
I have been on The Hallelujah Diet for three years now and oh what a blessing it has been. You see, I was told by the secular ‘medical profession’ that I was very sick and needed to take chemotherapy and radiation for leukemia. Well, I refused their treatments and the good news is that I am still alive and very well thanks to the Hallelujah Diet and my miraculous self-healing body. I have some dear friends that just don’t understand that God made our bodies to be healthy and strong, but for our bodies to be healthy and strong, we must put into our body the proper food. Peggy
I was diagnosed with colorectal cancer in February 2009. My wife and I have always been against the use of pharmaceuticals and other dangerous medical modalities in dealing with physical problems, so that diagnosis of colorectal cancer sent us scurrying for an alternative to the standard cancer protocol of chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. Our search led us to The Hallelujah Diet. Not long after I stopped putting into my body the things that had caused my cancer (animal products & refined sugar) and started on the entire Hallelujah Acres protocol I could feel and see major improvements in my health. I am now symptom free and have more energy than I have had for many years. A real added benefit to making the diet and lifestyle change is that I have lost 35 pounds since starting the diet. My own experience has given me firsthand knowledge as to how to deal with major physical problems. Harry W., Dixon, Illinois
I initially began The Hallelujah Diet after learning I had a mass the size of an egg in my breast. After all the tests, the doctors told me they were going to have to surgically remove the cancer, followed by chemotherapy and radiation. Not wanting to give permission for the doctors to do that, I came home and goggled for information regarding alternatives to what the doctors wanted to do. While "Googling," I discovered Hallelujah Acres. Immediately I ordered what was needed, began The Hallelujah Diet, and started exercising faithfully. Four weeks after beginning the diet I had an appointment with the medical team. When they examined me, they found the large mass had reduced to the size of a dime, and within the next two weeks it had totally disappeared. The doctors were totally amazed. It is interesting that since I was a teenager I had wanted to eat the vegan way, but my parents insisted I eat the SAD diet. It was very exciting to stumble across (or did God direct me?) The Hallelujah Diet, as now I finally feel validated. I have been following The Hallelujah Diet for a year and people tell me that I appear so much younger than my age and way too energetic for my age, and I and tell everyone about this wonderful diet.” Deborah D., Washington, Pennsylvania
Until I was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer on January 3, 2008, I had always considered myself very healthy. When diagnosed I was very surprised, but ready to follow the world’s treatments, that is until God stepped in and led me to the Hallelujah Acres website. My husband was not comfortable with me having surgery, and so we decided to attend Tim and Anita’s Hallelujah Acres Lifestyle Center in Lake Lure, North Carolina. While there, I adopted The Hallelujah Diet, and the rest is history. I did allow a lumpectomy in April, but refused radiation, chemotherapy, and Tamoxifen. After being on The Hallelujah Diet for only two months, lab reports came back negative – no cancer could be found. HALLELUJAH!” Lorrie H., Constableville, New York
In January 2009, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Doctors recommended a radical prostatectomy, which was scheduled for September 9th. Between diagnosis and the time of the scheduled surgery, one of the members of my Sunday School class asked me if I was open to trying something else. I asked her to send me the information and that I would look at it. The information she gave me was the website and the name of a person I could speak to. It turned out that person was a Hallelujah Acres Health Minister. After talking to the Health Minister I did some more research and felt that eating healthier couldn't hurt anything and so I adopted The Hallelujah Diet after having been eating the toxic Standard American Diet (SAD) for the past 54 years. I had decided I would make the diet change and then evaluate its results after three months. After just three months on The Hallelujah Diet my health had improved so much and I was feeling better than I had felt in years I canceled my scheduled surgery. I have learned a lot since that first introduction to Hallelujah Acres. I have read several books about cancer treatments, and how diet relates to cancer, and I am convinced that healthy eating and prevention through diet is the key. I have also come to realize that most people do not understand the harm the SAD diet is doing to them and have a great misconception about how the foods they are eating are affecting their health. Prior to adopting the Hallelujah Diet I ate practically no vegetables. Since being on the Hallelujah diet I have learned to love foods I previously thought were only for rabbits. I never want to go back to my previous eating. Scott V., Gallain
I got to hear Dr. George speak in January 2001. In the audience there must have been 600 to 700 people. The testimonies that came from the audience were incredible! People testified of overcoming all types of cancers, diabetes, heart disease and weight losses of 50 lbs or more. In fact, there was a woman sitting next to me who lost over 100 lbs on the Hallelujah Diet. This diet helped me heal from colon and prostate cancer, migraine headaches, sinus issues, other aliments plus I lost 65 lbs. I became a Hallelujah Acres Health Minister and went on to receive my doctorate as a Naturopathic Physician. I am about 90 to 95% raw. And I agree with Dr. George that juicing is the key to the diet. And it needs to be with a proper juice extractor and not a blender. George Malkmus is such an inspiration to me and others. Look how great he looks at nearly 80 years young, and how active and vital he maintains his life. Keep going strong brother George! Dr. John M., Florida
EDITOR’S NOTE: Hundreds of additional cancer testimonies are available here.

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