How Often Should Women Have Mammograms?

How Often Should Women Have Mammograms?

Getting a mammogram is the responsible thing to do, right? Maybe not. Read what one of America's most respected surgeons has to say about this form of cancer "prevention."
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With all of the attention given to breast cancer this year (think of all the "pink" products you saw pledging to give to the cause), the issue of mammograms has again taken center stage. But is this form of "prevention" ill-advised? Dr. Russell Blaylock is a nationally respected, nutritionally minded neurosurgeon, author and lecturer. In his December 2010 edition of The Blaylock Report, he revealed some surprising facts about this controversial screening method. “I am now opposed to all mammograms," Dr. Blaylock stated. "The breast is highly sensitive to the effects of radiation. Radiation effects are cumulative, they add up from year to year." In fact, Dr. Blaylock said that irradiating the breasts of a woman with a family history of breast cancer is likely to cause breast cancer! What does he recommend instead? “A woman can reduce her risk of breast cancer dramatically by taking at least 5,000 IU of vitamin D3 a day," Dr. Blaylock states. Taking curcumin and drinking "blenderized vegetables" (blended salads) every day will also dramatically reduce risk, he said. If you want some kind of screening, have a thermogram or an ultrasound of the breast instead. An MRI of the breast which uses no radiation is also very accurate. The Blaylock Wellness Report is available by paid subscription only at (800) 485-4350 or email

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