Health Minister Reunion An Exciting Success

Health Minister Reunion An Exciting Success

"The best ever!" That's what many were saying last weekend about the 2012 Health Minister Reunion. Check out the details and find out how you can register for our 2013 reunion!
Our long anticipated annual Health Minister Reunion began this past Thursday, April 19 right here in Shelby, North Carolina and concluded Saturday afternoon, April 21. The auditorium was filled with previously trained Health Ministers coming from 24 different states in the United States as well as three foreign countries. Those gathered had been on The Hallelujah Diet from just a few years to over 17 years. Health Minister Dale H., who has been on The Hallelujah Diet for over 17 years, just recently retired from competitive running at the age of 85. Almost every one of those gathered had a testimony of improved health after adopting The Hallelujah Diet. In addition, many spoke of tremendous improvements in health to whom they minister. When Health Ministers, through sharing God’s health message, see people adopting the message they share and recovering from all manner of physical problems — including terminal cancers — it becomes a very exciting ministry! In fact, over 300 registered nurses have become Health Ministers because they see people actually getting well through their efforts. We had an incredible lineup of outstanding speakers for this Reunion:
  • Dr. David Brownstein, Director, Center for Holistic Medicine
  • Dr. Francisco Contreras, President, Oasis of Hope Hospital
  • Dr. Ajay Goel, Epigenetics and cancer expert with Baylor University Medical Center
  • Brenda Davis, RD, Co-author, “Becoming Raw”
  • Nomi Shannon, World-renowned raw food coach
Along with these guest speakers we also heard from Hallelujah Acres' own Ann Malkmus, Chief of Education; Michael Donaldson, PhD; Olin Idol, ND, CNC; and Rev. George Malkmus, LitD. Our next Health Minister Reunion is scheduled for April 18-20, 2013. If you are a Health Minister, mark your calendar for this exciting event! Over 50 people have already registered — don't miss out! Call our customer care team at 800.915.9355 to sign up now. We'll have more on our 2013 Health Minister Reunion in future Health Tips — stay tuned!

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