From Headaches To Liver Cancer

From Headaches To Liver Cancer

God cares about both our little problems and our big ones — is it any wonder that His original diet for us alleviates everything from headaches to liver cancer? Read this week's exciting testimonies!
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Week after week, month after month, year after year, and for the past 20 years, letters from those who have adopted The Hallelujah Diet and experienced improvements in their physical and mental well-being have arrived almost daily! Below are a few of the letters I received last week. While I rejoice in these wonderful reports of improved health from people following The Hallelujah Diet, my heart goes out to all those who have not yet heard the good news that “You Don’t Have to be Sick.”
“Hello George, I want to tell you that I have only been following The Hallelujah Diet since January 17, 2012, at which time I jumped in with both feet, and added a treadmill to my home. In less than three months I have lost over 12 pounds, stopped having daily headaches, my arthritis in my thumbs is disappearing, my planters fasciitis in my feet has almost completely disappeared, blood pressure has lowered, my hot flashes have totally minimized to almost non-existent, and I have tons of energy. I am so passionate about this program and want to share this information with everyone I know and am eagerly awaiting Health Minister Training. I praise God for bringing your book into my midst. Thank you!” Debbie S., California
“Rev. Malkmus, I attended your seminar there in Shelby, North Carolina the first Saturday of March 2012 and immediately adopted The Hallelujah Diet. After only one month on the diet I had routine blood work done as I take cholesterol lowering medicine and my doctor wants me to keep tabs on my cholesterol levels. After my most recent blood work my doctor said there has been a dramatic improvement in my numbers! My triglycerides went from 223 to 126; cholesterol went from 180 to 125, LDL (bad cholesterol) dropped from 99 to 58 while my HDL (good cholesterol) went from 43 to 46, and my blood pressure went from 132/82 to 129/64. My doctor asked what I was doing different to cause such incredible improvements and I told her about The Hallelujah Diet. She said she hadn’t heard about the plan but wanted to look into it. After these most recent improved cholesterol readings my doctor halved my cholesterol medication and said if my cholesterol readings remain positive she will take me completely off the medication. More important than the improvements in my personal health, my husband who also adopted The Hallelujah Diet with me a month ago because he is dealing with liver cancer, recently had two biopsies and both came back negative. Thank you for helping us both become healthier. God Bless you!” Mary Alice F., Augusta, Georgia
“Hi Dr. Malkmus, Thank you for all you have done and continue to do to help others regain or retain their health. I just wanted to write and say ‘Hi’ and encourage you to keep up the great work you are doing.I think it is wonderful the way you have allowed God to use you to speak truth to people about their health and diet. Your teachings and concepts are ‘right on!’ All my life I have eaten similar to the way you teach. I grew up very poor so I didn’t have all the animal products and sugar desserts most people ate. I was raised on a diet of fruits and vegetables and very rarely ate any meat. I have stayed with that plant-based diet all my life, but was attracted to your diet, not because of any health issues because I don’t have any, but because you have taken what you teach directly from the Bible, God’s Word! I have read all your books and love them. Thank you so much for your work and dedication to the Lord.” Phonzie K.

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