Health Matters: Cancer

Health Matters: Cancer

Health Matters is a new, FREE email newsletter from Hallelujah Acres. Each week for an entire year, you’ll receive an email dealing with topics tailored to one specific health issue. Here’s a sample from our cancer series… According to the American Cancer Society, half of all men and one-third of all women in the US will develop cancer during their lifetimes. And according to the National Center for Health Statistics, in 2001 (the latest year for data), more than a half a million people — 553,000 men, women, and children — died from cancer in the United States alone. It is the second leading cause of death in America. Cancer is an equal opportunity killer and a leading cause of death around the planet. The World Health Organization estimates that 84 million people will die of cancer between 2005 and 2015 without intervention. So, just what is cancer anyway? The American Cancer Society defines it clearly and concisely like this: “Cancer is the name for a group of more than 100 diseases in which cells begin to grow out of control.” Cells become cancer cells because of damage to DNA. People can inherit damaged DNA, but most DNA damage is caused by mistakes that happen while the normal cell is reproducing or by something in our environment. It is usually caused by something known as a ‘free radical.’ Free radicals are atoms or groups of atoms with an odd (unpaired) number of electrons. Once formed these highly reactive radicals can start a domino effect when they react with important cellular components such as DNA. To prevent free radical damage the body has a defense system of antioxidants. Antioxidants are molecules that can safely interact with free radicals and terminate the chain reaction before vital molecules are damaged. To maximize your body’s defense against free radicals, you need to replenish antioxidant nutrients regularly by following an eating program like The Hallelujah Diet that is high in raw plant foods and freshly extracted vegetable juices. Recent statistics released by the World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) emphasizes the role of diet and lifestyle in fighting against cancer. They suggest that about one-third of the twelve most common types of cancer in richer countries could be “prevented merely through a healthy diet, physical activity, and the maintenance of healthy weight.” And for developing nations, the WCRF estimates that diet and lifestyle changes could save one in four patients. Many of these straightforward changes are incorporated into The Hallelujah Diet with an emphasis on eating a diet is that is 100% plant-based. Although a great deal of focus is on the nutritional component, The Hallelujah Diet is more than just a change in the foods you eat. It is a total lifestyle change involving every aspect of life: spiritual, emotional, and physical. As such, it is vital that your wellness program includes these six components:
  • Fresh air and sunshine
  • Pure water
  • Adequate rest (the body does most of its healing when we sleep)
  • Regular exercise (cancer cells cannot survive in an oxygenated environment)
  • A positive mental outlook
  • A coping mechanism to help you deal with issues of anger, bitterness, and hostility
  • And most importantly, you will be well served by a trusting, loving relationship with God
Doing these things in concert with The Hallelujah Diet are enough to achieve and maintain premium health. However, since most of us make little preparation for our health until facing a chronic condition, we may be in need of a much more aggressive approach to quickly equip the body so that it can perform radical healing when faced with a cancer. In this situation, we recommend The Hallelujah Recovery Diet. The Hallelujah Recovery Diet is identical to The Hallelujah Diet, but it increases the number of servings of an optimally processed barley juice powder that is 100% pure with no additives. (‘Optimally processed’ means that low temperatures are used so that heat-sensitive nutrients and enzymes aren’t destroyed) The Recovery Diet also increases the number of servings of vegetable juices (2/3 carrot and 1/3 greens) you consume daily. In fact, juicing is the most efficient way to nourish the body at cellular level. Consuming a vegetable or barley juice drink on an hourly basis will provide the body with powerful nutrition in an easy to assimilate form. The 12, hourly juices that are included each day in The Hallelujah Recovery Diet provide the body with a broad spectrum of the naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, and trace elements. These nutrients are often missing from our foods and the body needs them to fuel its self-healing ability. In addition to aggressive juicing, cancer patients may also want to use
  • A good probiotic supplement to help rebuild a healthy balance of intestinal flora.
  • A good digestive enzyme to maximize the absorption of nutrients from foods.
  • Curcumin to help supply the body with an abundance of free radical fighting nutrients.
  • Iodine supplementation to support the thyroid and the immune system.
What About Conventional Medicine? We truly believe that the vast majority of healthcare professionals, whether they are traditional medical doctors or holistic alternative healthcare providers, want their patients to lead long, healthy and happy lives. But we also know that there are some people in the wellness business who are more concerned about profits than they are with people. When a person is first diagnosed with cancer they are overwhelmed with time sensitive decisions they must make regarding their approach to an often life-threatening situation. Accurate information and timely decisions are imperative. Unfortunately, due to a lack of nutritional understanding and a lack of knowledge regarding the body’s innate self-healing, doctors often only give the patient options that include traditional medical interventions, while telling the patient to eat whatever they want. It’s a prescription for disaster. Surgery, Chemo & Radiation Side Effects In information compiled by The National Cancer Institute, it’s clear that the side effects of traditional cancer therapies are problematic for the patient:
  • Surgery increases the body’s need for nutrients and energy. Side effects of surgery may impair the body’s ability to obtain adequate nutrition from one’s diet due to impaired digestion and impaired production of hormones essential for total body wellness and the fight against cancer.
  • Chemotherapy drugs may affect healthy cells as well as cancer cells. These drugs may make it difficult for a patient to obtain the nutrition needed to tolerate and recover from the treatments.
  • Radiation therapy can affect healthy cells in the treatment area. Radiation therapy near any part of the digestive system is likely to cause nutrition related side effects and impair the body’s ability to tolerate the treatment and maintain general health.
From the testimonies received at Hallelujah Acres, it is evident that many people who choose to support the body’s innate self-healing through a plant based diet, aggressive juicing, and discrete supplementation see much better results. This outcome rings true whether they choose to use an alternative approach to dealing with cancer exclusively or when electing some traditional therapies in conjunction with the nutritional support of a healthy diet. Want to Know More? Sign up to get your free Health Matters emails here. Choose from 11 different topics.

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