Health Is A Matter Of Choice... Not Insurance

Health Is A Matter Of Choice... Not Insurance

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Recently, I asked Health Tip readers if it was time for me to retire at age 80 (my 80th birthday is coming up February 12, 2014). The response was overwhelming — it certainly was unexpected! Even more unexpected were the encouraging health testimonies and questions from those who wrote in about my retirement. Here's one about seniors, Medicare, and Obamacare — and how I responded when asked if I have Medicare myself...
“George, don’t retire, that’s not God’s plan! But I have a question: You are 15-years after retirement age and on the Hallelujah Diet – do you even have Medicare? In just a few weeks I will turn 65 years old and with Obamacare now the law of the land I don’t know what to do. Can you shed some light on this to help me and others? Thank you!” ~ Elizabeth B.
Rev. Malkmus Responds: Upon my 65th birthday I applied for Medicare Part A because there was no charge. Medicare Part A covered in-hospital expenses if I had an accident which I had no control over. But I refused Medicare Part B which covers some outpatient costs at a cost depending on a person’s income. Part B doesn’t cover all outpatient costs so many people take another supplement to cover what Part B doesn’t cover. I did not take out that supplemental insurance either. I figure by not taking Part B or another supplement to cover what Part B didn’t cover, I have saved over $30,000 in the last 15 years. This was before Obamacare... and by my choice. How Obamacare will affect senior citizens I do not know. Whether they will be forced to take out Medicare Part B and supplemental Part B insurance is unknown to me at this time. Sadly, no matter how much health insurance a person has, it has nothing to do with their health! Health is a matter of choice, not a matter of how much insurance a person has. I made a personal choice concerning my health almost 40 years ago when I started taking responsibility for my health. That’s when I stopped eating the Standard American Diet and started eating the Hallelujah Diet. Since making that diet change, I haven’t had a cold or the flu or need for insurance in almost 40 years. And by the way, the very word “health” in health insurance is a misnomer because having health insurance has nothing to do with health! Health insurance doesn’t kick in until you no longer have your health! In reality, it should be called "disease” insurance.
“George, I retired when I was 58 years old. Six years later, at the age of 64, I was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer the doctors said would take my life without medical treatments. Rather than accepting traditional medical cancer treatments, I adopted the Hallelujah Diet. As I write this it is nine years later, and on January 3, 2014 I will be 73 years old and I am cancer free! Hallelujah for the Hallelujah Diet! “My 37-year teaching career had its rewards, but I often tell people that retirement is the best job that I have ever had. As for you, you may not be ready to retire if you are having a difficult time deciding whether to retire or continue working. Of course, you could always try retirement for a few months and after that make a final decision whether you want to stay retired or resume working. “All of us who have benefited from your health-promoting career would prefer that you continue. On the other hand, you have selected a great staff of people who are very capable of continuing the promotion of the Hallelujah Acres program. The program will continue to flourish whether you are working daily, reducing your hours at work, or letting others take over for you. “I wish you the very best in enjoying life whether you continue working or join those of us who are enjoying retirement. Thank you for the impact you have made on my life and on the lives of countless individuals around the world.” ~ Health Minister Larry Jones, Missouri
“Dear George, I’ll never forget how I felt after hearing you for the first time in August 1996, in Zanesville, Ohio. Everything you said made such total sense to me and I knew that my life would never be the same again. You have been one of the most influential people in my lifetime, and I am currently 66-years old. As for your retiring, if you feel called to keep sharing God’s health message and it is still enjoyable (as opposed to stressful), then keep on sharing. Now that we have Obamacare, which will turn people off concerning the traditional medical approach to physical problems, there will be more people ready to listen to what you have to say.” ~ Health Minister Linda Miller, Zanesville, Ohio
“Dear George, Everyone loves you and enjoys seeing the tremendous energy you show when you present your seminars at almost 80 years of age. What an incredible witness for theHallelujah Diet you have been on for almost 40 years. So I hope you will continue keeping on! However, whenever or whatever you feel you might like to cut back on, go ahead and do it. Knowing your love for people and the mission you have given your life for, God will inspire you for His future purpose. Yours in good health!” ~ Health Minister Rebecca Harrington, New Hampshire

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