Hampton, Virginia: Most Engaged Seminar Audience Yet!

Hampton, Virginia: Most Engaged Seminar Audience Yet!

Rev. Malkmus' latest ​"God's Way To Ultimate Health"​ seminar was one for the books! Find out what made this seminar one of the most memorable in 20 years!
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Rev. Malkmus' latest God's Way To Ultimate Health seminar was one for the books! Speaking at the Hampton Roads Convention Center, Rev. Malkmus spoke to a crowd of just under 200 on Saturday, September 8. The seminar went off without a hitch, followed by the usual question-and-answer period. And more questions... and more questions. "In more than 20 years of delivering the Hallelujah Acres health message, I've never had an audience as engaged in the conversation as much as this one," Rev. Malkmus marvels. "This was the longest question-and-answer period I have ever experienced — some 90 minutes long!" From Hampton, it was off to Portsmouth, Virginia, where Rev. Malkmus spoke Monday morning at the Hallelujah Acres Lifestyle Centers' 10th Anniversary Celebration. Noteworthy names joining Rev. Malkmus at this event include Dr. Neal Barnard, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, and Dr. Pam Popper. Click here to find out when Rev. Malkmus is coming your way!

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